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Every teacher is a star, a star in the sky of our society, a star who guides generations, and a star who’s good overwhelms all
H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

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Reading workshops

As part of the National Library and Archives' keenness to support the national reading strategy, a set of interactive national reading activities were designed to ensure the National Library and Archives' contribution to building an educated generation proud of its identity and ancient history, by implementing reading workshops on some of the NA's books and publications which are summarized in separate booklets. The workshops include awareness-raising entertainment programs about reading and its importance and gifts of booklets and story books, as well as lectures and workshops for parents and employees on the importance of reading, through which the publications of the National Library and Archives are promoted.

Student Clubs

The National Library Archives has set up young historian student clubs with a view to offering students national education about the UAE's history, and involving them in competitions, processes and community-oriented volunteer activities that contribute to developing the society, shaping and strengthening their personality and nurturing their national values and principles, since they are instrumental to student activities.

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Educational Lectuers

National Artistic Workshops:

Workshops that raise awareness of the National Archives’ educational program.  Due to the importance of spreading cultural knowledge from one generation to the next, the National Archives chose a number of topics designed to raise creative senses:  firstly, “Let’s draw a map of my country”, secondly, “Let’s draw a sign of the spirit of the Union” and thirdly, “Let’s draw the flag of the Union”.

The Founding Fathers and Their Role in Building the Union:

The Founding Fathers faced numerous obstacles and worked hard to achieve the unification of the emirates.  Their sacrifices will not be forgotten as all the benefits enjoyed today are as a result of them.  The Founding Fathers had vital roles to play in order to achieve a successful and fruitful union and the National Library and Archives aims to highlight their remarkable and selfless work for the greater good of the Nation. 

Zayed, Unifier and Leader:

Zayed’s humanitarian, development and political accomplishments were deeply structured for decades.  Zayed had dreamt about unification since he was the ruler of Al Ain in 1946.  Plans were set in motion, and the dream turned into a reality, through his determination and wisdom leading him to succeed in establishing the Union.  Distinctive leadership traits made him a unique international leader.

Values and Traditions in UAE Society:

Deep and noble values that strengthen both society and all of its members.  The people of the UAE must realize the significance of the behavioral traits that reflect on the way they represent their country. 

Three Islands: A Proven Emirati Right:

Familiarize current and future generations about the occupied Islands.  Confirm the UAE’s right to the islands by providing evidence.  View the strategic, safety, and economic importance of the islands.  Iran’s claims to the Islands have been proven wrong.  Long standing claim over the Islands justify the UAE’s wish to legally regain the right to the Islands and to have them within its territory once more. 

Belonging, Loyalty, Identity and Key National Values:

Emphasize the major factors that constitute the national identity of the UAE citizen.  Direct the viewer to the mechanism that helps in preserving the combined identity of individuals and society.  Identify the internal and external risk factors that could weaken the core identity values and form a perspective as to how to deal with these risks. 

Unified Country (Unifying the House of the Emirates):

Empower the coherence of society to preserve the safety and stability of the country.  Recognize the roles and contributions that the leadership offers and has made to enable a national bond.  Expressions of pride in national identity and in the achievements to be a strong wall that fortifies the national march of success. 

Zayed the Father and Leader:

Discover the qualities and characteristics that made Zayed a father figure to the Nation with his exceptional leadership skills.  Testimonials and quotes about Sheikh Zayed indicate the wisdom for which he became known.  Testimonials about Zayed’s character from international leaders who had met him.   Acquaint the listeners with personal information about Sheikh Zayed’s life. 

United Arab Emirates - Culture of its People and a History of a Nation:

Archeological exhibitions have proved the existence of people for thousands of years in the lands of the emirates.  Different periods from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age indicate the presence of communities in the UAE and we must take into account their means of survival and the values by which they lived.  We must also observe the influences that they received and passed on to nearby cultures. 

Shape of the Federation in the UAE:

Underline the values by which residents should abide.  Show the steps that the Federation went through to reach its final stage in 1971.  Underline the unique character of the formation of the UAE compared with other countries around the world and understanding the distribution of power among Federal and local bodies. 

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