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Glossary of Slang Words


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Glossary of Slang Words

Word Meaning


Water closet or toilet. It is Al Kaneef in standard Arabic.


It is originally Persian and means pickled vegetables.

Al Hayrat

It is the plural of “Hayer”, pearl fishery, which is a shallow area in the middle of deep water.

Al Hor

A big rectangular-shaped hole in the ground, which was often used in the irrigation ditch (Al Yazrah) to draw water from wells by using bulls. “A bull in a Hor” is said of a person who lacks experience in life.

Al Mahmal

A wooden ship used for carrying passengers and transporting luggage and animals.

Al Manameh

A high bench made of palm fronds or wood, used to sit or sleep on in summer.

Al Maqeedh

Relaxation and spending hot summers in oases, mountains or agricultural areas.

Al Matareh

Its singular is “Matrah”, which means cotton filled cover. Al Tarha is a cloth used to cover the shoulders such as the bridal veil (used for head and shoulders)

Al Mathehab


Al Medani/ Al Medni

The goat that is about to give birth.

Al Mehmas

Coffee roaster: a metal long-handled roasting spatula for stirring coffee beans or spices while roasting. It is derived from the standard Arabic word “Hammas”, which means roasting over fire for a little while.

Al Meer

The foodstuff in each house such as rice, flour, sugar, coffee, oil, etc. It is a standard Arabic word. Al Meera: the food that is prepared for travel, etc.

Al Mesmar


Al Misam

A multi-form and size metal piece used in cauterization (branding). Al Misam is derived from the standard Arabic word “wasam” as in animal branding or marking.

Al Mishkak or Al Mishak

A palm frond or rope inserted into the fish gills to be carried when sold since no bags were available.

Al Mukawekh

The person who builds Al Kuwkha, a hole in the sand for hiding to trap birds.

Al Nadba

A gift or anything sent from one person to another.

Al Naghar

The squid: a sea animal, which is also called “Al Khathaq”

Al Nayemma

A type of adornment worn on woman’s nose. It is called Al Khazama.

Al Nedba

The support call of Al Shuhoh tribes, i.e. a shout of or call for honor, gallantry, war and elation.

Al Nefei’a

A mixture of food leftovers fed to livestock.

Al Yafra

A hole and its plural is Yafer. The standard Arabic is “Al Jafra”, which is the wide round hole and the plural is Jufr. UAE Locals normally pronounce “J” as “Y”.

Al Yahd

Sickness. A sick person is “mayhood”.

Al Yaqet

Hard dried yoghurt in various types. It is “Al Aqt” in the standard Arabic.

Al Yeima or Al Yeim

The bait that is placed on the hook, “Al Meidar”, when fishing with a string.


A term that means the origin or beginning of something.


It is of an English origin “anchor” and it is said that it is originally Persian. It is a piece of metal with three or five flukes used as a ship anchor where one side is attached to the ship and the flukes side is anchored in the seabed.


An Indian coin. It is a unit of the Indian Rupee, which was used in the UAE before the foundation of the Union. The Indian Rupee equals 16 annas. An anna equals 4 paisas or currently half Dirham and 6 fils (56 fils).


I perform ablution.


Silver or golden strings used in decorating women’s clothes in the past. They might be made of Talli (embroidered cotton threads).

Baraha/ Al Baraha

An expanse of land with no trees and houses. It is a standard Arabic word that means an open space.


A type of candies.




Blanket or wool quilt

Barra’/ Khari

Outside. Opposite of inside.


It is an anchor used to keep a vessel in place. It is a metal piece with flukes tied with a thick rope and anchored in seabed.


A foreign word that is originally Urdu and it means the foolish or the empty-headed.


Its root is “wajem” in standard Arabic and said of a person who is sorrowful and worried.


Overinflated sense of pride. It is said of the arrogant and boastful person who acts in imprudent manner.


Go down. It is a standard Arabic word.

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