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Our Achievements


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Project Achievements

  1. Conducted more than 700 interviews
  2. Three Traditional short stories
  3. Booklet on Greetings in UAE (ready for print)
  4. Young Historian Award
  5. Ongoing training to university students
  6. UAE Dialect Lexicon (in progress)
  7. Increased the collection of NCDR resources, (maps, documents, pictures)
  8. Collected traditional UAE poems
  9. Participated in the preparation workshop for the periodic report to UNESCO on the intangible cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates 2011

Project Publications

Publishing four articles in Liwa academic journal:

Issue 4 (page 54)

Issue 5 (page 38)

Issue 6 (page 53)

Issue 7 (page 54)



Since 2010 the team has provided a series of lectures and training to students in higher education on research methodologies and how to conduct oral history interviews. To date approximately 530 students were trained from Zayed University (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), United Arab Emirates University, the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and to all interested parties from different local entities.

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