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Thursday 05 May ,2022

The National Library and Archives sheds light on the UAE and its heritage in the eyes of the world.

The National Library and Archives sheds light on the UAE and its heritage in the eyes of the world.
The Second Translation Conference presented a group of Translation Specialists and their distinguished research papers.

The National Library and Archives’ Second International Translation Conference held on May 9-13, 2022 under the slogan “Translation and Preserving the Memory of the Nation: The Image of the UAE in Cultures, Literatures and World Intellectual Heritage,” highlighted various translation issues with a focus on translated material on the UAE history, heritage, culture, and civilizational renaissance and development which impressed the whole world, and on the image of the UAE in the eyes of the world.

In this context, Dr. Nahed Raheel discussed some of the problems encountered during translation from Arabic to Hebrew in a study entitled: “Transferring the Cultural Dimension in Translating Historical Texts: A Study on the Translation of “Qasr Al Hosn - History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi” into Hebrew.
Professor Barbara Michalak Pikulska addressed linguistic dilemmas And cultural issues related to translating the Emirates’ heritage into Polish language in a study entitled “The Image of the Emirates in Poland based on translated Emirati literature and cultural heritage.”
 In the same context, Professor Ramiz Zakai tackled the importance of conveying Emirati history to the Balkans using the Albanian language, in a study entitled “Translating “Zayed, a Man Who Built a Nation” into Albanian language and its role in enhancing the image of the UAE and its cultural heritage in the Balkans.
Dr. Samar Mounir discussed the importance of transmitting Emirati heritage in German in a study entitled: German vision of the UAE: the image of Emirati women between the past and the present: An overview of "Women in the United Arab Emirates between Tradition and Modernity: The Emirate of Dubai as a Model".
Ms. Hajar Azaz from the University of Lisbon in Portugal discussed "The Image of the UAE " And its modern civilizational renaissance in the Portuguese-speaking Community.” while Dr. Youmna Azmi from Ain Shams University in Cairo presented a paper on “The Image of the UAE in Spanish Literature: Cultural Diversity and Emotional Conflict in Letters from Dubai” by Asunta Lopez, and Dr. Emad Khalaf from Sharjah presented a paper on “Machine translation between Arabic and Persian: an analytical study and criteria for a better translation.” Prof. Maher El-Sherbini from Cairo University participated with a research paper on Japanese language entitled “Problems of translating proper names from the Japanese to Arabic”, and Prof. Dr. Yahya Abdel-Tawab from Kuwait presented a research paper which discussed, among other issues, the problems of translation from Russian “Translation and Culture in the Era of Globalization.” Whereas Dr. Ilham Badr, Faculty of Al-Alsun of Ain Shams University discussed translation issues relating to the intertwining between the Hebrew and Yiddish languages in a research paper entitled “Machine translation and its role in the digitization of the Arabic language: Improving the quality of machine translation from Hebrew to Arabic - (Loan- words from Yiddish to Hebrew as a model).

Furthermore, Dr. Ahmed Aqili, a member of the Emirates Writers Union, presented a critical approach entitled "Translation and its important impact on the cultural movement and the teaching of Arabic language." while Professor Dr. Rehab Abdel Salam from the Spanish Department of Ain Shams University shed light on the writings of Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi in a research paper entitled “The Historical Symbolism of the Nimrud character between the Emirati play “Al Nimrod” by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi and the Spanish play " The Arrogance of Al Nimrod” by Antonio Enriquez Gomez.
All Researchers and Academics interested in translation studies keenly awaited the Second International Translation Conference, organized by the National Library and Archives for its remarkable activities and research papers, presented by a group of senior researchers, led by Professor Patrick Murphy from Central Florida State University, USA, Professor Terrence Craig from Mount Allison University In New Brunswick, Canada, Dr. Ahmed El-Shahi from Oxford University, and Professor Igor Maver from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The conference included ten themes, most notably: (The Emirates in the eyes of others: issues in translation and thought), (the challenges of translation and the strengthening of the national identity), and (the role of translation in promoting Emirati civilizational achievements at the global level).

The conference also presented the research papers of:
Dr. Ivan Jiménez Williams from Venezuela, entitled “English Subtitling of Emirati Movies and the Portrayal of Sociolinguistic Domains.
Dr. Nasser Al-Saadi from Oman, entitled (Society, Culture and Urbanism in the United Arab Emirates: An Approach to the Translation of “Selections from the Documents of the Bombay Government”).
Dr. Seham Osama from the A.R.E., entitled “Dubbed Cartoons Vs Emirati Produced Ones: A Socio-Pragmatic Analysis of Politeness and Appropriation in the Linguistic Context of Family and School”,
and the joint research of Dr. Mohammad Bin Naser, (Kuwait University) and Dr. Dhyiaa Borresly, (Qatar University) entitled “Investigating the Arabian Gulf Culture: Emirati Idioms and Proverbs in Translation ”.