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Thursday 01 March ,2018

The National Archives Organizes the National Carnival "The UAE Reads… the UAE Advances" in Cooperation with "The UAE Ministry of Education"

In conjunction with the “Year of Zayed” and the “Month of Reading”:

The National Archives Organizes the National Carnival "The UAE Reads… the UAE Advances" in Cooperation with "The UAE Ministry of Education".

In the framework of the Centennial Initiative launched by the National Archives to commemorate the Year of Zayed, the National Archives organized a national carnival under the theme "The UAE Reads … The UAE Advances" in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The carnival tours several Emirates and regions, starting from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra, all the way to Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Through this event, the National Archives aims to achieve its national vision of the "Centennial Initiative " it launched in celebration of the Year of Zayed, while confirming its role in educating future generations and acquainting them with the legacy of the Founding Leader the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to draw lessons and morals, and to continue to build the nation under our wise leadership.

The National Archives focuses on the implementation of the "Centennial Initiative" projects for students in the course of its keenness to strengthen the culture of knowledge among the UAE nationals. Each project of this initiative adds to the series of its cultural, intellectual and knowledge achievements launched during the Year of Zayed, and comes as an expression of its interest in the legacy of the Founding Leader who greatly cared about building the human being as the basis of any progress, development or success.

The carnival includes a number of ceremonial events, such as reading workshops, and the innovative group panels’ game, during which awards and gifts are distributed. The National Archives goes beyond that to focus on the students' talents, such as reading and public speaking, storytelling, and acting where students perform the characters of the stories they read.

The National Archive attaches great importance to reading as part of its interest in the national upbringing of students; since reading is the basis for education, which every student needs. It is also the basis for science and civilizations, and a means of instilling positive citizenship concepts in future generation. .

The National Archives places the book (Zayed from Challenge to Union) and other books of its publications that document the various aspects of the illustrious life and journey of the Founding Leader, at the forefront of books that construct the reading material for students, in order to acquaint them with the values and merits of the Founding Father, and to promote loyalty to the wise leadership and reinforce their sense of belonging to their homeland.

The National Archives believes students come at the forefront of the community segments to benefit from the "Centennial Initiative", since many of the activities of this initiative are aimed at educating them about the history and heritage of the UAE, and acquainting them with the founding leader's achievements which help instill in them patriotism and reinforce their loyalty to their homeland and its wise leadership.

The carnival starts in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of March 2018, and will be held at the Qawassim Corniche in Ras Al Khaimah on March 6th, at Mubazzarah in Al Ain on March 11th, at Al Marfa Park in Al Dhafra on March 18th, at Dubai Design District in Dubai on March 25th, and finally at Kalbaa in Sharjah on March 29th.