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Monday 01 April ,2019

Zayed's exploits in a reading workshop at the National Archives for members of the Abu Dhabi Autism Center

     At the end of the month of reading and the beginning of the Autism Awareness Month, the National Archives organized a reading workshop in its headquarters, in which a number of students of the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Autism Center, participated. To interest the children and make them fit in with the national information that the workshop was full of.        

        Mohammed Ismail Abdullah, Senior Educational Programs Officer in the Educational Programs Department of the National Archives, presented a reading workshop for children entitled: "Zayed from Challenge to Union". , his upbringing and his great efforts to build the edifice of the Union, and that Sheikh Zayed will remain a symbol of courage, and will remain fresh in the memory and hearts of the people of the Emirates.        

        The National Archives gives special attention to children with autism, deriving from its affiliation with the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the leading countries in the field of social responsibility. It adopts the best international practices in this regard, thanks to the directives of its wise leadership, which sponsors and supports the areas of community services at all levels.        

        Regarding this visit, Sheikha Al Suwaidi, Head of the Activities Department at the Abu Dhabi Autism Center at the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination - at the National Archives, praised the attention paid to the visiting children with autism spectrum disorder, pointing to the educational environment of the National Archives, which effectively contributes to enabling them to integrate into society. She also praised the method in which the reading workshop was presented to children, which would improve their interaction and communication and develop their reading skills, explaining that what increased the interest was the tour that the children made in the Emirates Library, where they viewed its holdings for children in both its paper and electronic forms.        

        She added: Hosting students with autism spectrum disorder in governmental cultural and other institutions contributes to integrating them into local community institutions to increase their knowledge and skills in environments different from their familiar environments, such as the center and home, and provides them with a number of cognitive and behavioral skills that contribute to the achievement of their educational and training goals.