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Wednesday 01 May ,2019

The National Archives unveils the logo of the ICA Congress 2020 in Abu Dhabi

The National Archives unveils the logo of the ICA Congress 2020 in Abu Dhabi

The National Archives of the UAE has unveiled the official logo of the ICA Congress 2020 which reflects the past and alludes to the future; it is inspired by the local hospitality along with the Sadu weaving traditions, whereas the future is indicated through the inspiration by the Abu Dhabi modern skyline. The logo concept was chosen to reflect the interconnectedness between the past and future through the "ICA" letters written to reflect the network weaving that brings together the characteristic structure of Sadu and the tall towers of Abu Dhabi modern skyline.

The logo design is based on and in line with the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's quote: "He who does not know his past, will not make the best of the present and the future, for it is from the past that we learn, gain experience and deploy lessons and accomplishments ... " The Logo also reflects the keen interest of the United Arab Emirates in light of the wise leadership's directives promoting the adoption of innovation and creativity as a way of life.

The logo was unveiled and launched at a gala dinner held by the National Archives at the St. Regis Hotel in Saadiyat, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries and officials, along with the International Council on Archives (ICA) and the Forum of National Archivists (FAN) meetings participants and many media representatives.

It is noteworthy that the Logo reflects both the deep-rooted Emirati tradition of hospitality that has always been a benchmark of the local way of life as well as a great source of pride and the Emirati heritage of Sadu and weaving crafts which the UAE society anxiously maintains and avidly seeks to pass on to future generations to educate them on and disseminate awareness of the history and heritage of the great forefathers

The logo reflects the Abu Dhabi skyline stretching between the sea and the desert, indicative of a city that clings to its past and preserves it while aiming at a future where it assumes the status of one of the best countries of the world.

It is worth mentioning that the ICA Congress 2020 in Abu Dhabi will be the largest gathering of Archivists across the world. The UAE's nomination to host such an international event is in itself a great success added to its previous record of global achievements in various fields and reflects on the status, image and good reputation it enjoys worldwide.

This Congress comes as an evidence and part of the UAE's great accomplishments in the field of preserving human heritage and supporting cultural projects. It is also indicative of the high international status accorded to the National Archives, and of its close professional relations with international organizations concerned with archiving and documentation.