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Sunday 02 January ,2022

The National Archives holds its leadership retreat and outlines its next strategic plan

At the cusp of the next 50 years

The National Archives holds its leadership retreat and outlines its next strategic plan

The National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs held its leadership retreat 2021 under the theme "Accelerators and Transformational Projects", in which it stressed the importance of aligning its strategic plan with the strategy of the state and the guidance of the wise leadership that aspires the UAE to take the global lead on its centennial anniversary in 2071.

The retreat began with the speech of His Excellency Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Acting Director General of the National Archives, in which he said that this retreat is taking place at a pivotal stage, as we bid farewell to fifty years of civilized achievements which have impressed the world, and we are applying ourselves to continue the successful march in the next 50 years. We are all hopeful and optimistic that we will come up with creative ideas and future solutions consistent with the guidance of our wise leadership.

His Excellency appreciated the support provided by the Board of Directors to upgrade the National Archives and its future strategy, pointing out that the Leadership Retreat will discuss the transformational projects, adding that there will be stimulating creative ideas to shape the next stage in a creative and innovative style, and keep up with the great development that the UAE is experiencing while planning for a future in which it leads the world.

His Excellency praised the efforts of the employees and officials who made the National Archives a fortress of the memory of the nation, a national edifice, and a guide for all those who are interested in researching the UAE’s history and heritage, wishing this leadership retreat to achieve its desired goals.

The two-day leadership retreat stressed the importance of aligning the National Archives’ aspirations with the government's main goal of quality of life, integration with partner entities, and with what the UAE is achieving in the field of global competitiveness. It also underscored the need to continue its national role in light of the 10 principles adopted by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, for the next 50 years, and the need to make the most of the fourth industrial revolution, and the UAE National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 when the National Archives performs its duties in the future. Moreover, the retreat focused on the importance of providing digital services, developing human resources and qualifying leaders across the National Archives to achieve global leadership.

During the leadership retreat, the National Archives’ department directors presented their transformational projects, strategic and secondary objectives for the next phase and the new strategic plan 2022-2025, which will enhance the institutional reputation of the National Archives, archival, documentary and research work in the UAE, and achieve sustainability, creativity, innovation and excellence. Thus, the National Archives maintains the development of its institutional strategy and progress to keep its front row position on par with the world's leading archives.

The leadership retreat included some parallel events, as Mr. Ayman Attia reviewed future government trends, and Mrs. Hanan Al-Sammak spoke about quality of life and promoting mental health. Dr. Husniya Al Ali, Education Advisor, and Ms. Samar Al-Mashjari, Head of the Strategic Planning Office of the National Archives, shed light on their experience in the assessment field. The Al-Sayegh company gave a presentation entitled "National  Archives, Strategic Approach and Communication Plan.