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Saturday 02 May ,2020

National Identity Project Collaboration between the National Archives and Emirates National Schools

National Identity Project Collaboration between the National Archives and Emirates National Schools 

In collaboration with Emirates National Schools (ENS), the National Archives remotely continues the final stage evaluation of student research papers for the 7th edition of the National Identity Project under the motto of “Our Emirates 2071: Towards a Safe, Developed and Happy Community”. At this stage, the National Archives' keen interest in pursuing that project stems from its belief in the important role it assumes in the civic education of UAE generations and in instilling and enhancing loyalty and belonging among youth.

Many of the participating research papers of students were of great scientific value due to students adopting scientific approach and their conducting careful investigation of their research-topics, which indicated their high sense of responsibility, recognition of national principles, ability to Perceive the future and their high national sense.

What distinguishes the National Identity Project this year is that its stages and events were conducted remotely as they coincided with the precautionary measures adopted to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, more than 565 Grade 9 students participated In this edition. After launching the project, and prior to the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, more than 40 training workshops, school visits and meetings with school coordinators were conducted. The National Archives opened its doors to welcome students to benefit from all the Emirates Library sources and references. Moreover, it advised participating students to employ and utilize the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive (AGDA) references in their research. The research papers evaluating committee received students papers and projects and shortlisted 128 research papers and community activities under the motto of this edition of the project. On one hand, the male students’ topics were: Earth in Danger, How to Please Someone, My Family is My Umbrella, Relief or Help Call, Tolerance in the UAE, Emirati San’ (local term for ‘etiquettes’), Addiction to Smart Phones, No for E-Bullying, Plastic Consumption Damages, Exams Challenges, Parents Obedience, Space: Zayed’s Ambition, Solar Energy and Artificial Intelligence.

On the other hand, the female students’ topics included: Playing in Another World, We are all Ambassadors, Children of the Future, Happiness, Danger of Grapevine Gossip, Our UAE is the World Forum, I Accepted the Challenge and Succeeded, Zayed’s Dream Embraces the Sky, Climate Revival, A Teacher’s Imprint, Environmental Pollution, A drop of blood Saves life, Health Innovation, Youth Empowerment, and Limitless Mercy.

35 papers and projects by 157 students reached the semi-finals, where project evaluators were to select the first three winning papers of students (boys and girls) respectively.   

Ten branches of ENS from Abu Dhabi and other Emirates has participated in this edition of the project. Following receiving the project papers, the qualification process started at the branches level and the competition began at a school level.

The National Archives appreciated the high academic level and the national and humanitarian values sensed through students’ papers and the efforts exerted by students and their supervisors according to the newly imposed precautionary procedures in response to the novel coronavirus, mainly the distance learning and remote communication.

The National Archives showed keen interest in evaluating student papers remotely in line with the current situation necessary measures. We have received a large number of papers, which indicated students’ ambition and their belief in this national project. All project participants are deemed winners because these contributions indicate the future generations will power and challenging spirit.

The National Archives thanked the ENS for their cooperation since launching this academic and research initiative, namely the National Identity Project. It expressed its hopes and aspirations for this project to continue to enrich future generations' knowledge and experience.

The awarding ceremony date shall be set later according to the current situation developments.