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Wednesday 03 August ,2016

The National Archives Enlightens the Tourist Guides on the UAE History and Heritage

The National Archives Enlightens the Tourist Guides on

the UAE History and Heritage

The UAE National Archives organized in its headquarters an educational program for tourist guides which included a national lecture entitled: “The UAE the land of happiness, tolerance and morality” and a tour in the National Archives headquarters in which they were briefed on its missions and role in preserving the memory of the nation and making it accessible to decision-makers and researchers. The program is part of the course of the training and tourist guidance organized by Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture.

The program started with a lecture on the UAE the Land of Happiness, Tolerance and Morality presented by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, Research advisor at the National Archives to the delegation of Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture, which was comprised of more than 35 tourist guides. The lecture began by praising the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, which proposes to include moral education subject in the school curriculum, stressing that this initiative is essential for the UAE society's interest; as it represents a fundamental pillar in building the Emirati citizen. The UAE is proud as its present civilized life is associated with the values and morality derived from the teachings of its religion, and inherited them from parents and grandparents and from the values and qualities the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan instilled in the hearts and minds of UAE society.

The lecture focused on the values of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his wise leadership that pushed forward the wheel of progress resulting in the advancement and progress in the various aspects of life; starting with the Bedouins’ settlement, establishment of a mechanisms for women empowerment, and the role of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima in promoting women's status. Sheikh Zayed with his wisdom enriched all life's aspects and details through his directives; as in his choice of the UAE flag and slogan. He assigned the concerned parties to compose the national anthem and had wise views in drafting the constitution. His wisdom enabled him to consolidate his efforts with the other Emirates’ Rulers and formed the union and thus eliminated the borders between the UAE people.

The lecture included four axes, the first dealt with the integrity and credibility in delivering information; as there is information that might be unthinkable to the tourist guide considering it taken for granted, or because revolve on the details of familiar heritage vocabularies and the well-known historical events. Therefore, a tourist must verify them by asking the concerned parties who are knowledgeable in the history and heritage. A tourist guide must not resort to the hurried unreliable answers. The second axis was concerned with the basic roots of the UAE civilization and its cultural heritage, which is considered an extension of the Arab and Islamic civilization, and the third axis of the lecture was about happiness, tolerance and their origin which is arrived at through contemplating the UAE urban character in the past, where the neighborhood (al Fareej) necessitated people's closeness to each other, such closeness equipped them civilized values in their dealings with each other and promoted cooperation and tolerance which consolidated happiness values.

The tourist guides toured the National Archives, where they watched a high-tech 3D documentary film on the UAE's history, present and future prospects at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Virtual Reality Theatre, and viewed in Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall samples of manuscripts, documents, historical photographs and maps. Their tour covered the Emirates library; which is a leading library specialized in the history and culture of the UAE and the Gulf region, and is considered an important for researchers; due to its sources, references and public books in their hard as well as in electronic formats.