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Monday 04 March ,2019

The National Archives Celebrates Children's Day and Participates in Events and Activities.

The National Archives Celebrates Children's Day and Participates in Events and Activities.

In celebration of UAE Children's Day, the National Archives participates with Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism in organizing a number of events in Abu Dhabi public parks. It also participates with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority in its Reading Box Initiative, which will be held under the theme of: “A generation reads…A civilization rises”. The National Archive presents children's writings and creative works during the (Year of Zayed), in addition to their paintings that show their talents. It also organizes a number of competitions inspired by the publications of the National Archives, and distributes gifts. The National Archives’ own cartoon characters: “Hamad, Hissah, and the Grandfather” will share the children their joy.

As the National Archives aims at spreading more benefit coupled with joy and fun for the children, it invites some of the students who participated in (Zayed: 100 Stories) initiative during the (Year of Zayed) to talk to other children about their experience at “City Center Mirdif” in Dubai.

The National Archives’ corner in KidZania Dubai presents a number of activities related to documentation and archiving in celebration of UAE Children's Day.

The participation of the National Archives is based on the fact that children are the real assets of the homeland. The National Archives is a partner in national upbringing, and pays great deal of attention to children, and especially to the students among them, as it believes that childhood is one of the most important phases in the life of one’s life, and is the basis for the formation of his character in the future, which is the cornerstone of building society.

In many of its initiatives, the National Archives is keen in enriching children's knowledge of historical information to promote their sense of loyalty and belonging and to instill in them the national identity. One of the National Archives’ programs in this respect is “For a Promising Generation”, which contains initiatives such as Cultural Season, Student Historians Club, My Archive My Future, Reading Nation, Educational Kit, KidZania and National Curriculum Support.