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Thursday 04 April ,2019

The National Archives and the Ministry of Education praise the level of research of the "Young Historian"

She adhered to the Arabic language and expressed pride in identity, connection to history, belonging to the homeland and loyalty to the leadership

The National Archives and the Ministry of Education praise the level of research of the Young Historian.


The National Archives received a large number of student research papers that participated in the “Young Historian Award” in its tenth session, which took “tolerance” as its motto. The current edition of the Young Historian Award – organized by the National Archives in cooperation with the Ministry of Education – was characterized by an increase in students’ participation. In it, due to the multiplicity of its topics, which included the martyrs of duty who gave their lives for the sake of the homeland and the realization of the right, the “Year of Tolerance”, which is an extension of the Year of Zayed, and it also dealt with women leaders, foremost among them the personality of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, “Mother of the Emirates”, and other topics focused on research in history and geography , archaeological sites in the country, interviews in the field of oral history, and research in the context of social life, handicrafts and traditional industries in the UAE.

The joint arbitration committee, consisting of consultants and experts from the National Archives and the Ministry of Education, is reviewing student research, most of which appeared to be sober and committed to the Arabic language, reflecting the great interest of the wise leadership in the Arabic language and the need to pay attention to it because of its role in perpetuating the pride of the people of the Emirates in their identity. Patriotism, as the solid link to their ancient history and glorious past, and the participating researches also reflect students’ affiliation to the homeland and loyalty to its wise leadership, and foretell of a generation in which the authentic values and exploits of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, were entrenched.

It is noteworthy that the honoring ceremony, which will be at the end of the competition and after the issuance of its results, will include all participants; The winning elite will include participants whose research has been in advanced centers, while the promising category will include the rest of the participants who will be motivated and prepared to participate in the award in the future in order to achieve the best results.

In the past period, the headquarters of the National Archives has witnessed frequent visits by student delegations in order to view its holdings of historical documents, the sources and references that the Emirates Library is full of, and to benefit from the lectures and reading workshops organized by the National Archives for young people on an ongoing basis.

This is in addition to the two introductory meetings that were held at the headquarters of the National Archives, and the field visits made by specialists and stakeholders in the National Archives to the Teachers Training Institute; To acquaint students and their supervisors with the importance of the Young Historian Award and its conditions, and encourage them to participate in it for the scientific benefit they will gain from this experience in scientific research and in documenting aspects of the history of the country and the biographies of its great leaders.

The interest of the National Archives in the Young Historian Award stems from the fact that it has taken upon itself the real contribution to preserving the history and heritage of the Emirates, and from this standpoint it was keen to educate students and urge them to know the history and heritage of their country and its heritage, and to preserve the national identity, and this is a major responsibility that it performs within the framework of its partnership. In the national upbringing of generations.