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Wednesday 04 July ,2018

The National Archives motivates its staff to innovate, and creates an appropriate work environment

“Innovation and Career Happiness and Impact on Staff Productivity” lecture fostering innovation

The National Archives motivates its staff to innovate, and creates an appropriate work environment


The UAE’s National Archives maintains interest in motivating its staff to innovate. It strives to promote career happiness and appropriate work environment that motivates innovation. Within this context, the NA employees have attended a lecture entitled “Innovation and Career Happiness and Their Impact on Staff Productivity”. It discussed innovation concept, strategies, methodology, in addition to mental alertness, happiness and positive attitudes.

The NA aimed at this lecture to foster the concept of innovation, spread its culture among its staff, implement the national innovation strategy, stimulate interest in happiness and positive concepts and create an appropriate work environment for employees to motivate their innovation.

The lecturer Ms. Kholoud Al Rustomani, Happiness and Positivness CEO at Federal Demographic Structure Council, stated that the UAE is an example in fostering innovation and achieving career happiness at workplace, to motivate employees and develop their innovative skills.  She praised NA for its role in promoting creativity and creating an innovation-friendly work environment, as well as spreading happiness, and elements of success at workplace.

The lecture, held in Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hall at NA, pointed out that innovation is an innate trait in human beings, being a toll of survival since ancient times. Innovation was defined as the need for change through work models or technology. It shed light on innovation at the government sector, indicating that it means developing, selecting and implementing creative ideas that serve the public interest.

The lecture also illustrated examples of innovation at the government sector such as Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center for Technological Innovation, Community Development Authority for Social Innovation, and the National Election Committee for Operations and Sharjah Environment Company.

Furthermore, the lecture tackled the innovation strategy and its types, which are gradual innovation, semi-gradual innovation and radical innovation. It also talked about innovation methodology, idea design methodology in the work environment through motivation, acceleration, discovery, selection and inspiration.

The lecture concluded that positive attitude and mental alertness are key elements of innovation and creativity, and lead to happiness and increased productivity. It pointed out that mental alertness result in emotional balance, adaptation and sympathy, relaxation and flexibility. The lecture also tackled mental alertness as a lifestyle in addition to its other benefits.

Moreover, the lecture encouraged reading, health lifestyles, continuous education, initiative taking and self-confidence. It identified the happiness formula: cohesion and flexibility, emphasizing that happiness and positive attitudes would increase staff productivity by 12%.

At the end of the lecture, H.E. Dr. Abdulaziz Nasser Al Raisi, Administrative Development Adviser at the NA, thanked the lecturer.