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Friday 04 November ,2016

The National Archives carries out a record time evacuation drill at its headquarters

The National Archives carries out a record time evacuation drill at its headquarters

The National Archives carried out an evacuation drill to its staff; to ensure their readiness to cope with emergency events, raise their readiness level, enhance their security awareness, and to review the effectiveness of safety and security requirements in case of crisis. The evacuation drill, which was carried out in a record time under the supervision of a civil defense team, demonstrated a total readiness and commitment to specified uniform, and the strict implementation of all requirements.  With the release of siren, the Abu Dhabi Police operations room received a report, and all the National Archives building electronic doors were opened to staff members heading to the assembly point outside the building, guided by the special evacuation team, where everyone gathered.

The National Archives management extended its thanks to the civil defense team who oversaw the evacuation process. This evacuation drill practically expressed the National Archives' interest in ensuring safety and security in its work environment, as well as ensuring that its staff members are provided with the necessary expertise to enhance their safety opportunities in case of disasters and crises, as the NA is keen to raise all employees' readiness level to prepare them for any emergencies, thus the great results in the evacuation drill.   The National Archives spares no effort to promote the safety and security of its employees, as well as the millions of documents that it holds.

For its part, the civil defense team, (Alqubaisat Branch), which supervised the evacuation drill, praised the National Archives’ commitment and speedy response which resulted in a record time evacuation.  The team also praised the security awareness embodied in all the evacuation process conditions and requirements, noting that the record time evacuation plan reflects the National Archives’ management's interest in the safety and security of its human resources, and in promoting their awareness of safety and security.