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Tuesday 05 April ,2016

The National Archives Organizes an Autism Awareness Day

In cooperation with the Emirates Autism Society,

The National Archives Organizes an Autism Awareness Day

Within the framework of community events, and in cooperation with the Emirates Autism Society, the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates organized a day to raise awareness of autism disorders under the slogan, "Your Health is Important to Us.”  The event included several educational events about autism disorders.

On the sidelines of the event, which took place in the presence of His Excellency Majid al-Muhairi (Executive Director of the National Archives) and Dr. Khawla al-Saadi (Chairman of the Emirates Autism Society), the National Archives presented a small exhibit illustrating the creativity of autistic children.

The ceremony began with the National Anthem performed by an autistic child. The participants then listened to another autistic child, Yara Kharbotly, recite the Qur’anic surah An-Naba'.  After that, Mr. Salem Al Hosani, Vice Chairman of the Emirates Autism Society, gave a lengthy lecture to raise awareness of autism disorders. He defined autism as a behavioral disorder that appears in children and discussed the history of the disorder. Mr. Al Hosani also mentioned world-famous figures who had autism as children. He discussed how they were able to overcome the disorder’s obstacles, live normal lives and, in some cases, even immortalize their names amongst the most innovative and distinguished of people.

Yara’s mother spoke about her experience with her autistic daughter.  She noted that parents begin by denying their child’s condition shortly after he or she is born. They are then overwhelmed with sadness and frustration when faced with the difficult reality and begin to ask the bitter question, “Why did this happen to us?!”

Yara’s mother continued, “After that, the next stage involves facing reality and the great responsibility. We thank God we were able to help our daughter, and now she’s in fifth grade. I feel at ease, as she is now almost like her peers.”

At event’s conclusion, the National Archives honored the Emirates Autism Society for its efforts to help an important segment of society’s children.