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Thursday 05 July ,2018

The National Archives enriching its reading workshops through a method enhancing loyalty and sense of belonging among students

Introducing cards compatible with and complement the reading workshops' national topics

The National Archives enriching its reading workshops through a method enhancing loyalty and sense of belonging among students


NA has launched an educational method where cards are distributed to the students participating in the workshops, to write down lessons learned, along with a national value that shows patriotism and loyalty to the wise leadership of the country. Cards titles vary according to the workshop's topics: a word either in love of Zayed, Khalifa or the homeland. Method as such comes in line with NA’s earnest endeavor to obtain further benefits that accrue from the reading workshops organized for school students.

NA’s cards method is an innovative one.  It equips students with further knowledge and writing skills, and fosters loyalty, sense of belonging and good citizenship principles. 

The cards method is aimed at fostering students’ writing skills and developing their ability to express themselves and their feelings, concentrate on the workshop material and share knowledge with fellow students by reading their cards. This would expand their horizons, enhance their national identity and helps them follow the example of their great leaders.

All cards bear the Year of Zayed’s logo and contain archival photographs relating to the workshop topic.  Photographs are from either the archives of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed, the UAE President, or the heritage and monuments sites in the UAE. In selecting photographs, it should be taken into consideration that they are able to instill among students Sheikh Zayed’s values and deeds, as he was the founder of this civilized country. Since the declaration of the Union, Sheikh Zayed attached utmost importance to learning and work within the belief that the nation's progress is in their hands.

Some photographs depict the role of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, in development alongside of his father as well as the good virtues and values he learned during his upbringing in his father’s care. The photographs also focus on the interest of both leaders in youth years and the nation’s wealth. To this end, they built schools and learning centers across the UAE and awakened generations’ interest to learn. In addition to historical facts, the photographs documenting the monuments sites in the UAE should introduce students to the history and heritage of their homeland. 

The NA’s cards complement the workshops and classes intended for reading the educational booklets issued by NA: “Qasr Al Hosn”, “Zayed, From Challenges to Union” and “Khalifa; A Journey into the Future”. Such workshops fall under the role of the NA in developing an educated generation that is proud of its identity and history, and getting the educational sector acquainted with NA’s publications and role in preserving the memory of the nation for future generations.