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Saturday 05 November ,2016

NA Wins “Afkar Al Emarat’s” Creativity Award in Media Coverage.

NA Wins “Afkar Al Emarat’s”   Creativity Award in Media Coverage. 

NA won the Afkar Al Emarat’s award (UAE Ideas)2016, during its fifth annual event, on the category of “Best Media Coverage”, for its "Watheq" initiative, aimed at documenting personal records.  NA received the award for its role in promoting this important national initiative, and its significant media coverage.  NA played a major role in reaching out to different public sectors and encouraging them to conserve old personal documents and records, which is the very essence of the campaign.

H. H. Shaikh Juma Bin Hasher Al Maktoum presented the award to Mr. Farhan Al Marzougi, Director of Corporate & Community Communication Department, in the presence of the project representatives.  In his speech, Mr. Al Marzougi thanked the award's organizers and sponsors, and applauded the award as a hub for promoting sustainable growth.  He said that it was a great national opportunity for promoting national identity and creativity.  It is an opportunity, he added, that instils creativity and entrepreneurship among the citizens, which is something that is emphasized by the wise UAE   leadership.  Mr. Al Marzougi said that the award is a real motivator for continued hard work and innovation.  It is an honor that reflects NA's loyalty to the home country; a national task of collecting and maintaining the memory of a nation.  NA is going full speed ahead and looking forward to 2021, the year UAE will become the best globally.  Mr. Al Marzougi revealed how important the "Watheq" campaign was to NA in educating the public about their role in preserving records and personal history, for the benefit of the coming generations.  Finally, Mr. Al Marzougi thanked the national media channels who embraced this initiative.

"Watheq" is a national campaign aimed at promoting the documentation of the public's personal records.  It is a new initiative launched by NA aiming at educating the public of the importance of keeping personal records, particularly the historical ones, and saving them in the "Watheq" box, which was designed according to the highest standards of archiving private records. The campaign promoted the values of national identity and loyalty to the homeland, and contributed to increased awareness of the importance of archiving and its role in conserving the memory of the nation.

"Afkar Al Emarat 2016" award represents the hard work NA has played in order to make the national campaign a success.