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Monday 05 December ,2016

The National Archives enhances its "Memory of the Nation" pavilion with its two new corners: the happiness, and tolerance corners

The National Archives enhances its "Memory of the Nation" pavilion with its two new corners: the happiness, and tolerance corners.

The National Archives enhanced, for the first time,  its “Memory of the Nation” pavilion at “Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival” with its happiness and tolerance corners, to indicate the fact that the UAE is an oasis of tolerance and happiness, since tolerance and happiness are very substantial objectives of our wise leadership, which seeks to achieve sustainable prosperity and well-being of its people.

The United Arab Emirates has set - since its inception- the happiness of its people as its main objective. This was  evident in the words of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who said: "The most important achievement of the Union, in my view, is the happiness of the community."

The happiness Corner is gracefully decorated by the words of the founding leader and the wise leadership about the importance of happiness and bringing happiness to the community.  A large board topped the forefront of the happiness Corner which says that: the UAE is a leading Arab and regional state in happiness, and that it is ranked first in healthcare, progress and freedom. The board also referred to the average life expectancy in the UAE, how healthy they are, per capita GDP, individual freedom, decline of corruption in its institutions, and the sustainable social support for individual. The happiness Corner included the National Program for happiness and positivity.

The happiness Corner contained quotes of UAE leaders, lead by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who said: "Happiness and positivity are a lifestyle, a government commitment and a real spirit uniting the UAE society ...  government institutions evolve and develop to achieve the goals of every human being, namely to achieve happiness for him and his family.”

The tolerance corner highlighted the culture of tolerance, the foundation of which in the Emirati society was laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, to make the UAE an oasis of tolerance, and a perfect example in implementing the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

The tolerance corner included a huge statue of two convergent hands, indicating the importance of convergence between human beings, the promotion of tolerance values among people and the resulting fruitful convergence.

The National Archives was keen on documenting tolerance that characterized the UAE since its inception, especially in the book "Zayed, A Man Who Built a Nation", which documents examples of the founding leader's efforts to disseminate and establish the values of tolerance.

The National Archives takes great interest in the values of tolerance and happiness, in line with the wise leadership's interest in these concepts, with which work was accordingly associated in all government and private agencies.