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Sunday 06 March ,2022

The National Library and Archives organizes a national training program for Expo 2020 consuls

The National Library and Archives organizes a national training program for Expo 2020 consuls

The National Library and Archives “NLA” concluded a virtual national training program for Expo 2020 consuls in collaboration with “Hamza” project, which is the link between Expo 2020 pavilions and government schools in the UAE. The NLA’s program aims to instill the UAE’s cultural heritage and principles of national identity and good citizenship among Expo consuls to show these values to the world in a way that is worthy of the UAE’s position at the international level. The NLA launched this program given its strategic role in good national education of generations and its interest in supporting culture exchange and fostering Expo slogan, which calls for connecting minds and creating the future.

The program is directed to Expo consuls who are local students in cycles 2 and 3 who speak English and demonstrate communication skills. It includes national and cultural lectures delivered by experts and specialists from the NLA.

One of the most prominent lectures that were delivered in coordination with Hamza project was “Identity, Loyalty and Belonging: Key National Values”, which enhances these values among participants. The lecture stressed that these national values are basic national parameters to be instilled among all community members as they are a requirement of good citizenship and a means to protect the UAE’s accomplishments and enhance cohesion among citizens. The lecture was supported with sayings of the Founding Father Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and with documents, photos and evidence from the biographies and sayings of great leaders who impressed the world with their achievements.

The second lecture entitled “Tolerance in the UAE” served as a window onto the UAE’s past and present to show the world its real image as an oasis for tolerance and a global example of coexistence and fraternity where more than 200 nationalities live on its land. The lecture emphasized that the UAE keeps raising hope, spreading benevolence, encouraging cooperation and fostering tolerance values. It also tackled tolerance in the perspective of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, stressing that he strived to strengthen the values of Islam and accordingly he adopted equality and tolerance as an approach in life. Furthermore, since the foundation of the UAE, he aimed to open the UAE’s door wide to all nationalities; he made the UAE as a homeland of tolerance, coexistence and love. Finally, the lecture identified the Emirati community characteristics, noting that it is one of the most successful communities that adopted tolerance values.

On the other hand, the third lecture entitled “The 100th Centennial Anniversary of the UAE” foresaw the future in light of the ten principles approved by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, for the following fifty years and the directives of the wise leadership to reach the UAE’s 100th centennial anniversary as well as the UAE’s strategy, which we hope to be at the forefront internationally by its 100th centennial anniversary. The lecture assured that it is the responsibility of the youths to play the major role.

In addition, the program provided a lecture entitled “The Protocol”, which aims to enable participants to deal with VIPs and official guests in appropriate manner in accordance with the internationally accepted standards. These tasks are highly sensitive; therefore, Expo consuls have to excel in them as they form a part of the frontline of this amazing international exhibition.

The participants went on a virtual tour of the NLA via interactive platforms, and they got acquainted with its main facilities such as the Emirates Library, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed VR Hall and Customer Happiness Hall.