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Tuesday 06 September ,2016

The National Archives organizes a workshop on occupational health and safety in the work environment

The National Archives organizes a workshop on occupational health and safety in the work environment

The National Archives organized at its headquarters a workshop on the application of occupational health and safety environment at work, as part of its plan to promote awareness of the principles of occupational health and safety, and in coordination with the General Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety of Abu Dhabi Police.  This workshop came in application of the international basis of Integrated Management System (IMS), and was attended by a large number of employees.

This workshop was part of the National Archives activities entitled “your safety is our concern”, and was intended to create a healthy work environment for staff, visitors and researchers; since the occupational health and safety at the workplace is a basis of sustainable development in any organization, and is important for the employee as well as work improvement.  There is a correlation between a healthy environment where occupational health and safety are scientifically applied at the workplace, and high productivity, as a result of job safety.

The workshop covered in some detail the basic terminology used in the field of health and safety, such as hazards and risks, which is the probability of damage occurrence with an indication of the extent of the risk of such damage or harm. The risk levels are measured as high, medium and low risk levels. The workshop focused on care taking, reporting of accidents and ill health incidents in the work environment, and cooperation during evacuation drills carried out by the National Archives annually. The workshop introduced the key terms in health and safety, such as accident and impending accident, as well as legal responsibilities of employers and employees.

Participants were briefed on several issues, such as:  the importance of health and safety, the terminology used in this field, the workplace hazards and risks, ways of maintaining safety at the workplace, personal protective equipment, personal hygiene, care and first aid facilities, and reporting of accidents and ill health. The National Archives' management aspires from all this to create a healthy and safe work environment.

The one day workshop was delivered by trainer Hassan Mohammed al-Qahtani.  It emphasized the National Archives' management interest in its staff's health and safety; thus  it follows and adopts the best international standards.