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Sunday 07 October ,2018

The National Archives Organizes a Forum on "The Fourth Generation System and the Experiences of the Winners"

with the aim of applying excellence systems and keeping pace with national initiatives

The National Archives organizes a forum for the "Fourth Generation System and the Experiences of the Winners"

The National Archives organized at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi a forum for the "Fourth Generation System and the Experiences of the Winners". Based on its keenness to apply excellence systems and keep pace with the national initiatives launched by the State, the Strategic Planning Office in the National Archives raised the perception of completing the journey of excellence by adopting the fourth generation system after obtaining a certificate. They are known for their “5-star” distinction as the first archiving body in the world, and the fourth institution in the country to obtain this classification from the European organization EFQM.

The forum was inaugurated by Mrs. Samar Al-Mashjari, Head of the Strategic Planning Office, with a talk about the importance of the model of excellence and its consideration as a tool and a basic pillar in order to enhance entrepreneurial awareness and innovative thinking to ensure the realization of the vision of the National Archives. Where the establishment was based on the European model EFQM, which was adopted by many local and federal awards, and the matter necessitated now, after the basic building block, that the local model (fourth generation) launched by the government in 2015 be adopted as a link to achieve the UAE Vision 2021. Where the fourth generation system forms a map A path for governments that seek to lead in performance and transform into a proactive, innovative and smart government that is an example of best government practices through a set of principles that include effectiveness, efficiency, learning and development, and by using modern concepts in work that include innovation, future foresight and integration in government work. This system represents a pioneering Emirati management thought with world-class content. Whereas, the main objective of launching the Government Excellence System is to enable government agencies to achieve the well-being and happiness of citizens, to fulfill the requirements and expectations of society in obtaining government services at the seven-star level and with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, and to support government trends in the field of innovation in order to achieve a competitive advantage and a leading position for the UAE.

Participants in the forum focused on the importance of integrated teamwork in government institutions, working effectively in line with standards of excellence, performing professional duty as a national act, capacity-building and qualifying employees, the importance of creating an atmosphere of happiness in the work environment, improving the journey of the customer with the institution, and getting out of character. Traditional work and that the award should not be the ultimate goal of the effort.

Mrs. Amina Ahmed Hussein of Abu Dhabi Ports Company spoke at the beginning of the forum about Abu Dhabi Ports Company's message and vision, and the compatibility of this vision with the vision of the UAE 2021 and the vision of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. , and reviewed the main strategies; Focused on the sustainability of high performance and growth, smart systems and procedures that concern customers, building capacities and enhancing responsibility, then stopped with the importance of aligning programs and initiatives with the system of government excellence, services and smart transformation.

Mrs. Fatima Al-Sayed Al-Hashemi, Project Manager of the Dubai Government Excellence Programme, spoke about "Dubai...a success story in building sustainable government excellence". She started with a comparison between the Emirate of Dubai in 1985 and Dubai in 2016, then touched on the impact of the program on government performance, and reviewed the program's vision. And its objectives and role, and elaborated on the role of the Dubai Government Performance Program and the fourth generation system for government excellence, noting that the fourth generation was launched on the system because in 1994 it was the Dubai Quality Award, and in 1997 it was the Dubai Government Excellence Program, and in 2009 the program Sheikh Khalifa Award for Government Excellence, and in 2015 the Government Excellence System.

It also reviewed the most important features of the government excellence system, and the elements of the fourth generation system for government excellence in Dubai: the mechanism of government planning and development programs, the standards of the leading government entity, the system of categories and honoring mechanisms, the evaluation mechanism, and then focused on the most important benefits of this system.

Mrs. Suhaila Al-Manthari, the employee who won the Executive Council Medal - Administrative Support, concluded the meeting by talking about her experience with winning; Focused on the importance of a sense of responsibility, a living conscience, and the impact of winning on her professional and personal life.

At the end of the forum, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Raisi, Director General of the National Archives, presented certificates of appreciation to all participants, and a large number of National Archives employees followed the forum.