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Wednesday 07 October ,2020

The National Archives’ Publications Topped the Sales of “Amazon” Website in the Middle East for the Second Time.

The Book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi”, Attracts Readers

at Amazon Website

The National Archives’ Publications Topped the Sales of “Amazon” Website in the Middle East for the Second Time

The National Archives’ books were best-sellers on Amazon, in terms of sales in the Middle East, for the second time in less than three months as the book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” ranked first on the list of bestsellers as readers were interested in buying it online. Seeking enjoyment and benefit, reading enthusiasts were attracted to the book because it contains accurate documented information that sheds light on aspects of the rich and glorious history of the UAE.

The list of the 50 bestseller books that are of interest to the readers included other National Archives’ publications which are rich in their national content documenting the heritage and cultural achievements of the UAE and its transformation from the “Trucial States” to the “United Arab Emirates”.

The demand for the book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” is attributed to the efforts made by its author, H. E. Mohammed Al Murr, Vice Chairman of the National Archives, in documenting some aspects of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s march and his role in promoting culture. H.E.  shed light on important milestones of the UAE’s history and modern cultural history.  In 1971, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan invited the Arab Singer Umm Kulthum to participate in the celebrations that were held at the end of November 1971 marking his 5th Accession Day Anniversary and the establishment of the United Arab Emirates. The Arab Singer gratefully accepted the kind invitation and was welcomed as a distinguished guest. She held two concerts where she performed her latest songs. She also visited Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan at Al Manhal Palace, where she was well received and honored by him. The book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” documents that important artistic and cultural event and presents a gallery of beautiful pictures of that visit.

Given the importance of the book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” in terms of content and style, a special book signing ceremony was held at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and another signing ceremony was held at the Cultural & Scientific Association in Dubai.

The book “Umm Kulthum in Abu Dhabi” is among dozens of books published by the National Archives that aim at documenting aspects of the march of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. These publications have won the admiration of researchers, scholars and specialists in the history and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula in general and the UAE in particular. Thus, the book “Qasr Al Hosn: The History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi 1793-1966” hit the top spot of bestsellers on Amazon about three months ago.

 At this stage during which precautionary measures are imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus and online book sales witness a surge, the National Archives’ publications have attracted the attention of interested writers, researchers and academics in the UAE’s  history, heritage and civilization on the global website “Amazon” and the other websites such as “Noon.com”, “Neelwafurat.com” and others.

Since there is a  high demand for the National Archives’ publications which document important aspects of the memory of the nation in various fields, they are sold at the international book fairs held across the UAE, such as Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, and Sharjah International Book Fair. They also sell off of famous bookstores shelves such as All Prints, Jarir Bookstore, Books Kinokuniya, Al Ain Library, Arif Books Distribution, WHSmith, Borders, Jashanmal Bookstore. Additionally, to give access to its publications, the National Archives has launched a book shop at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, readers can access many of the National Archives’ publications on smartphones and tablets via its app which is available on both the Google and Apple app stores.