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Wednesday 08 January ,2020

The National Archives participates in the Teachers’ Curriculum Forum and urges the participants to benefit from its services and role in preserving the memory of the nation

Reviewing the details of the 11th  Edition of the “Young Historian Award” and “Our Inspiring Tales” initiative

The National Archives participates in the Teachers’ Curriculum Forum and urges the participants to benefit from its services and role in preserving the memory of the nation

The National Archives participates for the third time in the Teachers’ Curriculum Forum. Its participation comes with different titles that support the social and historical studies, and also supports the teachers of Kindergarten and Cycle one. The National Archives’ participation in the current forum covers Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman and Sharjah. The National Archives’ contributions included the illustration of its national tasks, services, and role in preserving historical records that document the memory of the nation. 

At the Teacher Training Institute in Ajman, the National Archives held an extensive workshop on the 11th Young Historian Award, and on the initiative of Our Inspiring Tales, which is the theme of the new edition of the Student Historians’ Club project and the Young Historian Award, both were launched by the National Archives in collaboration with the Care and Activities Sector at the Ministry of Education within the framework of the national upbringing and enhancement of belonging to homeland and loyalty to its wise leadership. This also aims at reinforcing the national identity of the students, fostering their historical awareness, urging them to think, express and innovate in the field of historical scientific research, and encouraging them to focus on the UAE’s ancient heritage and history.

Since the National Archives is rich in documented historical materials about the past of the UAE and the Gulf states and makes them available to researchers, academics, teachers and students, and since it is keen on conveying the details of its activities, competitions, awards and initiatives in the field of education, it acquainted the teachers participating in the forum with the details of the new edition of the 2020 “Young Historian Award” and “Our Inspiring Tales” initiative. In fact, it aims at introducing students to sources and references of documented historical and scientific documents.

In addition to the “Young Historian Award” and “Our Inspiring Tales” initiative, the workshops organized by the National Archives have promoted its most prominent services in the educational sector, such as the student-targeted competitions and activities, the new programs for teachers, and entertaining and educational competitions such as the March Game for students which will be activated in various educational institutes.

The workshops included a review by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, the Research Advisor at the National Archives, about the goals of the new edition of the Young Historian Award 2020, its themes and categories, the targeted educational stages which are Cycles Two and Three, the method of participation, the terms and conditions for accepting written research papers and oral interviews, and the award criteria and its procedures.

Mrs. Husniya Al Ali, the Head of Educational Programs Section at the National Archives, reviewed “Our Inspiring Tales” initiative. She confirmed that the initiative aims to guide students toward carefully planned and oriented historical national programs that contribute to developing the society and building student character, moral values and principles. She said that the award sheds light on the humanitarian and social projects and initiatives that the educational sector provides by assisting people, spreading hope, instilling the values of goodness and giving, promoting positivity and optimism, and improving the quality of life in the UAE society.

The head of the Educational Programs Section focused on the values of the initiative, its establishment, procedures, advantages, and the selection of winners. When she pointed out the award projects, activities and initiatives, the audience interacted and made many suggestions such as giving special attention to Arabic language, the elderly and people of determination and committing to the principles of good citizenship, etc. She also urged the participating students and teachers to take advantage the facilities of the National Archives and to benefit from its educational programs and services.

Mrs. Ayesha Al Zaabi, Educational Programs Specialist at the National Archives, elucidated the tools of implementing “Our Inspiring Tales” initiative, the registration and participation procedures.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Aisha Bilkhair shed light on the topics of the 11th edition of the Young Historian Award for Cycle Two, which includes writing a report on national identity, UAE Ethical Code (Al Sanaie), social cohesion (extended family), customs and traditions, personal impression on celebrating the National Day, the UAE women, Commemoration Day, volunteer work, etc.

She also highlighted the award topics of Cycle Three which deal with stories and narratives about the founding fathers, tolerance, folklore, heritage topics related to the UAE, architecture in the UAE, and “A Story of a Document” in addition to the Emirati Explorer, which is intended for visiting archaeological sites with rare information. Among Cycle Three other topics are documenting narratives that present new or rare information, writing about lesser-known personalities or elucidating the orally transmitted knowledge of astronomy, travels, marine sciences, Duroor astronomical calculation, historical and archaeological sites, traditional architecture, UAE civilizations, the different ways through which the UAE’s society honors Martyrs of Duty and their families, studies on the role and empowerment of the UAE women, UAE influential Personalities such as the Mother of the Nation (Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak) and Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the UAE .

She urged the participants to encourage students to benefit from the historical documents about the history of the UAE and the Arabian Gulf provided in the website of the Arabian Gulf Digital Archive “AGDA”.