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Friday 08 October ,2021

The National Archives publishes a new issue of Liwa Journal

Research and studies highlight chapters of the history of the Arabian Peninsula region and others

The National Archives publishes a new issue of Liwa Journal

The National Archives has published the 15th Issue of Liwa Journal, which is a referred academic journal pertaining to the history and heritage of the UAE, Gulf region and Arabia.

The academic research papers in the recent issue published by the National Archives in Arabic and English highlight a number of historical subjects, most notably “Arabia from the Perspective of the Moroccans in the 11th Century Hijri”, “The Omani Military Forces in the 17th and 19th Centuries”, “Al Saidiya Schools: An Academic, Cultural and Educational Phenomenon”, “Weapons Trading in the Gulf”, etc.

Dr. Ahmed Al Saidy, talked, in Chapter 1, about Arabia from the perspective of the Moroccans in the 11th century Hijri, based on their books on journeys, indices and biographies. That perspective reveals their pride in Arabia and their tendency to talk about various religious, historical, geographical, economic and social aspects.

Chapter 2, written by Dr. Bahia Bint Saeed Al Ohtobia, identifies “The Omani Military Forces in the 17th and 19th Centuries”. She tackled several disputes and wars erupted in Oman during historical periods, resulting in the need for forming Omani military forces to defend the country against any external attack.

Dr. Huda Bint Abdulrahman Al Zidjalia presented the Saidiya schools as an academic, cultural and educational phenomenon that spread broadly in the Arab and Islamic World. These shcools were named after prominent figures in the history of the countries in which they emerged and had academic and cultural contributions. The research reviewed Al Saidiya School in Cairo, the Emirate of Dubai, Muscat, Salalah, Zanzibar and Gawadar in Pakistan.

In the last research paper of the new issue of the journal, Dr. Mohammed Faris Al Faris discussed the evolution of weapon trading in the Gulf, Dubai incident, the British response to that in Dubai in 1910, the subsequent situation and the related reactions. This is in addition to the British policy in the Gulf region and how it closed its eyes to weapon sellers and buyers as well as its reasons for fighting weapon trading.

The English version of the journal included a research paper entitled “Al Saidiya Schools: An Academic, Cultural and Educational Phenomenon”.

In its new issue, the journal presented the NA’s latest publications: “Young Historian Award – 8th Edition (2016-2017)”, “Young Historian Award – 9th Edition (2017-2018)”, “Their Memory Our History (Part 2)”, and “Informing People of Bandar Abbas Conditions”.

Liwa Journal is published in print form as well as on the internet by the NA. It welcomes academic research papers pertaining to its specialization in Arabic and English at liwa@na.ae.