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Wednesday 09 January ,2019

The National Archives continues its participation in the Teachers’ Curriculum Forum 2019 In collaboration with the Ministry of Education

The National Archives continues its participation in the Teachers’ Curriculum Forum 2019 In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, where it launched the Procedural Research Award.

The National Archives continues its participation in the “2nd Teachers Curriculum Forum”, held during the period from (6th-10th of January 2019) aiming to develop and improve teachers’ performance and teaching skills. The NA participates with a number of lectures stimulating teaching systems and mechanisms innovation and workshops of national topics. The NA’s participation stems from its pursuing the role it adopted in generations' civic education and from its interest in enriching the participants’ knowledge and raising their awareness through providing documented information on the UAE history, and enhancing their experiences and encouraging the educational system to establish the national identity, instill loyalty and belonging and increase awareness of the UAE society and its culture.

Specialists and experts from the National Archives delivered academic lectures and held national workshops in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ajman. Mrs. Husniya Al Ali, Head of Educational Programs Section at the NA, delivered a lecture entitled “Skills and Methods of the Procedural Research” in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain and Sharjah. Moreover, Mrs. Ayesha Al Zaabi, Senior Educational Programs Officer at the NA, gave another lecture entitled “Innovative National Educational Program Packages for Teachers” in Ajman and Al Ain. However, the lecturer, Mohammed Ismail Abdulla, Senior Educational Programs Officer, delivered two lectures, first of which is : “Zayed, the Leading Father” in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and second of which is “The Key National Values of Identity, Loyalty and Belonging” in Al Ain.

The forum has witnessed the launch of the procedural research competition for the educational staff, in presence of H.E. Hussein Bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education.

During the competition launching ceremony, the National Archives announced its support for procedural research with three 15-hour workshops over three days organized for teachers. The workshops- on their first, second and third days respectively - provide theoretical, practical and statistical skills training that support research process. The workshops are organized in collaboration with specialized companies.

The NA will make its facilities accessible to teachers for field visits that will allow them to benefit from the Emirates Library acquisitions, the historical documents and records at its Clients Happiness Hall and of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan's Hall, etc. The NA will be a member of the judging panel for the procedural research competition.

In her lecture entitled “Innovative National Educational Program packages for Teachers”, Mrs. Ayesha Al Zaabi introduced the NA’s educational program package and the supporting educational tools, methods, and facilities that serve the educational process.

Al Zaabi stated that thousands of researchers and students benefit yearly from the the educational programs, and smart apps the NA offers with a special focus on the memory of the nation. Furthermore, she said that the NA organizes and hosts annual activities for teachers starting at the beginning of the academic year and other activities for students besides the Young Archivist Award such as the Student Historians’ Club. The year of Zayed has witnessed a great number of student activities, at the forefront of which comes “Zayed, 100 Stories” initiative in addition to lectures and reading workshops about the history of the UAE nation and homeland.

The lecturer identified the educational programs included under the umbrella of the NA’s national educational programs “For a Promising Generation”, and age categories compatible with each program of the system. She introduced the Young Archivist Award and its role in enhancing the values of belonging to the homeland, loyalty to its wise leadership, fostering national identity among students, increasing their historical awareness, and encouraging them to think, write and innovate in the academic historical research field and to have interest in the UAE and its history. She also illustrated the Award agenda, its categories, audience and conditions for application.

The lecturer Mohammed Ismail Abdulla focused in his lecture entitled “Zayed, the Leading Father” on aspects and stages of the great biography of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who was born in 1918; brought up and educated in Al Ain. In 1946, he was appointed the Ruler’s representative in the Eastern Region thus he economically developed it and resolved its problems. He was selected to hold the reins of power in Abu Dhabi in 1966. During his reign, Abu Dhabi witnessed significant developments and progress due to his experience, statesmanship, earnest endeavors and aspirations along with his fellow founding fathers for establishing the Union of Arab Emirates and to his election as president of the newly born UAE state following the declaration of the Union. It was because of his prudent leadership, farsightedness and profound wisdom, that Abu Dhabi is ranked as one of the most developed and advanced countries of the world. His benevolence was overwhelming worldwide, thus he was appreciated by his people and those of the world. He wished and sought goodness and peace to all mankind; as a result of which he became an eternal symbol for the homeland and icon for humanity.

In his second lecture “The Key National Values of Identity, Loyalty and Belonging:”, he explained that the values of loyalty, belonging and national identity are essential national identifiers to be fostered among all society members because they constitute an integral part of good citizenship and are considered important tools and methods for protecting the UAE accomplishments, and enhancing solidarity and cohesion among its citizens. He supported his ideas with videos including eternal quotes of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, with documents, photographs and evidences from the biographies and quotations of the great men who maintained the glorious march of the Union.