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Thursday 07 July ,2022

The National Library and Archives signs a memorandum of understanding with Alef Education

The National Library and Archives signs a memorandum of understanding with Alef Education with an aim to support digital learning based on modern technological innovations.

The National Library and Archives signed a memorandum of understanding with Alef Education Company aimed at supporting and enriching the platform with national scientific material that contributes to enhancing the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, instilling civic education and national identity in students and future generations, building a knowledge society, that takes pride in its identity and glorious history, strengthening bilateral strategic relations, and enhancing the cooperation and integration prospects in educational and other fields or areas of common interest.

The memorandum was signed by His Excellency Abdulla Majid Al Ali, Acting Director-General, on behalf of the National Library and Archives, and by Mr. Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO, on behalf of Alef Education Company, in the presence of several Department Directors and officials of both institutions.
On this occasion, His Excellency Abdulla Majid Al Ali, Acting Director-General of the National Library and Archives, said: This memorandum establishes mutual distinguished future relations in the context of enhancing students’ interactive learning experience with information on the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Especially that we attach great hopes and aspirations to the important national role played by the National Library and Archive as a strategic partner in the future generations’ sound civic education. From this point of view, the National Library and Archives provided the Alef platform with its publications and educational material that will surely contribute to instilling in students and future generations the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and its wise leadership and to enhancing their national identity and good citizenship.
His Excellency stressed the importance of this memorandum given both parties’ keen interest in the educational process’ progress in line with the educational vision of the United Arab Emirates Government, which attaches great importance to and is highly interested in including the memory of the nation within its educational system.
His Excellency thanked the management of Alef Education, and all concerned for the great cooperation and coordination that lead to the signing of this memorandum, which comes as a mutual benefit to both parties, and serves their interests. H.E. praised the role played by Alef Education to develop the students’ educational experience, and to make the educational process more interactive and enjoyable.
Dr. Aishah Al Yammahi, Board Advisor of Alef Education Company said: “We are honoured at Alef Education to conclude this memorandum of understanding with the National Library and Archives within our mutual cooperation framework in various areas in which both parties are distinguished, including the digitization of knowledge resources and the use of technical innovations to facilitate learners’ access to content This cooperation reflects our common vision to advance learning based on modern technical innovations, and contribute to achieving national goals in the transition towards a more flexible and comprehensive digital knowledge system, in line with the rapid global changes in the field of artificial intelligence applications in the educational field.
She added: The importance of this cooperation for Alef Education stems from the fact that it supports coordination and exchange of experiences with leading institutions, and highlights the innovative features of our smart products, most notably the Alef educational platform. We look forward to expanding our cooperation with the National Library and Archives, in our belief in the importance of concerted efforts in providing an educational and knowledge environment that supports the era of the UAE sustainable development.
Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, said: “We are pleased to sign that agreement with the National Library and Archives, and to further enhance bilateral cooperation prospects in line with our keen interest to promote cooperation with various sectors’ authorities and institutions, to share our experiences in education digitization, and expand our smart solutions users’ scope. In “Alef” we will continue our commitment to aligning our strategies, projects with the UAE Government’s national vision, especially in the educational sector as a fundamental growth and progress pillar, and the driving force for the transformation towards a more sustainable future, in which the UAE continues to excel in all fields, and to assume the distinguished status of an education and knowledge hub and a unique model for adopting the latest learning innovations, and employing modern technologies to enhance the quality of life and services efficiency.
Under this memorandum, the National Library and Archives provided both the Alef and Abjadiyat platforms with national academic and scientific material including a group of reading publications particularly prepared for children and students from the National Library and Archives’ publications, and the students’ national creative stories resulting from the (Zayed 100 Stories), the “Fifty Writers” projects, besides the national lectures, documentary films recorded for the National Library and Archives, and other cartoon films for children, and the electronic version of the educational brochure (Watani Al Emarat) or (The UAE.. My homeland) in both Arabic and English.