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Wednesday 10 March ,2021

The National Archives launched an awareness program to educate its employees on the best methods to maintain good health and physical fitness

Marking the UAE National Sports Day,

The National Archives launched an awareness program to educate its employees on the best methods to maintain good health and physical fitness, as part of the UAE National Sports Day celebration activities. The program included a lecture entitled "Triangles of Life on the Importance of Sports, balanced diet and good Nutrition" in line with the National Archives' interest in its societal responsibility to its employees, and as part of its annual celebration of the UAE national Sports Day; a chance which the National Archives takes to advocate sports and shed light on its importance as a way of life as well as a physical activity for its significant health benefits.

In her presentation of the lecture, Mrs. Mariam Al-Murri, Chief Corporate Communication Officer at the National Archives, stressed the National Archives’ keenness to annually celebrate the UAE National Sports Day, and quoted the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai: “Sports refreshes the memory, strengthens the body, and relieves life burdens".

In his interactive virtual lecture, Dr. Nasser Salem Al Ameri praised and commended the wise leadership's efforts, and interest in the health and fitness of the UAE people and residents, as they facilitated access to well-equipped sports facilities across the UAE. He thanked the National Archives for taking the National Sports Day celebration chance to educate its employees on how to maintain their fitness and good health.

The lecturer reviewed a number of triangles starting with the human being as an equilateral triangle, where equal attention and focus should be given to his body, soul and mind, stressing that those three must be equal in a productive person. He also discussed the causes for wrinkles, osteoporosis, weight gain, heart disease and diabetes through the second triangle which title questioned: "What happens as one grows older? ". He explained that the appearance of these changes or the development of such diseases among people vary from one person to another, and to avoid or prevent them, one must adhere to practicing sports, at least walking which is the simplest of all sports.

The lecturer stressed the importance of following the teachings and guidance of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) relating to balanced diet and good nutrition as the main principles for good health as expressed and emphasized in his words: “Eating less is the best adopted preventative method or habit against sickness and disease. A few bites or mouthfuls should suffice to sustain the sons of Adam and satisfy their hunger, should they- upon temptation- wish for more, it should be according to equal thirds or shares for their food, drink and breath". Then, Dr. Naser moved to the triangle of fasting, sports and nutrition, indicating the importance of fasting for the body, provided that it obtains adequate amount of food, drink and practices sports, at the right time; either before having breakfast or three hours after it.

The lecture tackled the basic nutrition components, and the needed calories for human body. The lecturer stressed the importance of practicing sports for women and elaborated on the Women, Sports and Society triangle, as he tackled the role of sports in treating and relieving psychological stresses. In the last triangle he discussed the proper and improper exercising methods.

The National Archives also launched a one week sports competition under the slogan "The Challenge 2021", explained its terms and conditions to its employees, and encouraged them to participate through allocating valuable prizes for winners.

The National Archives:

The National Archives of the UAE was initially established in 1968 under the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, upon directives from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, with the aim of collecting and documenting material on the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.

Forty years after its establishment, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE issued Federal Law No. (7) for 2008 upon which it became the "National Center for Documentation and Research", entrusted with organizing the UAE government entities' archives. Later, His Highness issued Federal Law No. (1) of 2014 according to which its name changed to be the "National Archives".