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Tuesday 10 April ,2018

The National Archives Organizes Lectures in Sharjah

In the “Year of Zayed” and within the framework of the “Centennial Initiative”

The National Archives Organizes Lectures in Sharjah


Within the framework of its “Centennial Initiative” in celebration of the “Year of Zayed”, the National Archives, in coordination with Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), presents a number of lectures on Sheikh Zayed’s values, contributions and achievements in the Majalis of Sharjah’s suburbs and in its University Clubs.


These lectures, presented by the National Archives, are some of the outcomes of the “Centennial Initiative”, whose projects have spread across the UAE in celebration of the “Year of Zayed”. The National Archives wished to highlight the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his deeds and prominent achievements at the local, regional and international spheres. The National Archives seeks to motivate the generations to be inspired by the lessons and benefits from the biography of the Founding Leader, which promote the feelings of belonging, loyalty to the homeland, loyalty to the wise leadership,   national identity and the values of good citizenship in the minds of the generations carrying on the process of building and developing.


The National Archives continues to implement the “Centennial Initiative” in four themes in order to highlight the values of the “Year of Zayed”.  These themes are: Respect, Wisdom, Human Development and Sustainability. They are reflected in the objectives of the Initiative, which the National Archives aspires to reach all segments of the public throughout the UAE.


The lectures, presented by an elite of experts and specialists from the National Archives, bring back to mind the bright pages from the history of Sheikh Zayed whom the world has known as an excellent man of politics and benevolence who spared no effort throughout his life to build the UAE and promote the prosperity and well-being of its citizens and expatriates. All that has a great effect on the development and renaissance of the UAE and entitled it to enjoy a great status amongst the countries of the world. During the establishment of the UAE, the Founding Leader paid a great attention to education, health and construction, and this had a significant impact on the UAE’s establishment, development and accomplishments. History has proudly recorded Sheikh Zayed’s keenness for charitable and humanitarian work, as he gave abundance of aid to the needy and stricken people in various parts of the world. Therefore, the UAE has become a model for humanitarian work due to his noble approach.


The lectures, presented by the National Archives at the Majalis of Sharjah and its University Clubs, are derived from the history of Sheikh Zayed and his leadership role and achievements that the UAE still enjoys today. 


The National Archives’ lectures in the “Year of Zayed” reach expatriate students at Al Qasimia University, the residents of Mughaidir suburb in Talaa area, Majlis of Wasit suburb, Majlis of Rahmania suburb, the teachers and parents in Majlis of Muwaileh suburb in Al Nouf area, residents of Majlis of Al Khan suburb and the other Majalis of Sharjah and its suburbs.