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Thursday 10 May ,2018

The National Archives concluded "Following the Footsteps of Zayed Al-Khair" Forum refereeing students’ research. The winners were: Zayed and Health, Zayed and Education

In collaboration with Emirates National Schools

The National Archives concluded  "Following the Footsteps of Zayed Al-Khair" Forum refereeing students’ research. The winners were: Zayed and Health, Zayed and Education.

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with the Emirates National Schools Group, concluded the Student Research Refereeing Forum entitled "Following the Footsteps of Zayed Al-Khair". Most of the participating research characterized by their scientific value and students’ adoption of scientific methodology when researching the history of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan providing ample details of his achievements, his efforts and giving that resulted in establishing the UAE among the most advanced countries in the world. His achievements contributed to linking the present generations to the founding leader’s values and his history of giving.

Zayed and Education, which is a research prepared by the male students of Emirates National School - Abu Dhabi Campus, won the first place, another research entitled Zayed and Education, which is prepared by the female students of Emirates National School – Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah Campus, also won first place.

This forum saw the participation of more than a hundred research papers on the founding leader’s achievements, which should be instilled in the students, and of which this year Students’ Research Refereeing Forum is proud. These research papers are full of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s achievements and values that must be promoted in the society, because of their role in proper national upbringing. The forum was full of experiences that urge positive behavior, and inspiring humanitarian stories about challenges and triumphs.

HE Majid Sultan Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the National Archives, gave the opening speech welcoming all participants. He said: "We are pleased to have these significant scientific research papers that discuss the history of the immortal leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the details of his achievements and giving. Furthermore, we are pleased to instill these precious values in our student’ hearts to enable them to be good citizens who serve the nation and maintain the achievements of the wise leadership that follows the approach set by the late Sheikh Zayed. Moreover, students’ research papers participating in this year's forum prompted students to reflect on Sheikh Zayed's biography deducing awareness and community messages that promote moral values.

He added: "from the biography of Sheikh Zayed, we derive the ability to give, and his accomplishments and great deeds will continue to be a beacon to guide us on the path of belonging to the homeland and loyalty to our wise leadership. Survived by a legacy of good deeds, Sheikh Zayed is a great leader whom the world selected as an icon of wisdom.

Al Muhairi said: "As we declare the winners of this research and national project, we thank Emirates National Schools for their unique approach to education and their keenness to nurture their students with the love of our country. This prompted the Emirates National Schools to collaborate with the National Archives to complement their role by making the historical records and documents of the Emirates Library accessible to their students. Hence, their research papers contained documented historical information that made them significantly more valuable. 

The Executive Director congratulated the winners and thanked the of the students’ parents for supporting their children, the future generation, until they reached this level of success, diligence and commitment. He considered all those who made it to this platform to be winners.

This project attracted 600 students from all branches of Emirates National Schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. The National Archives supported the students who visited its headquarters in pursuit of supporting their research with historical documents, photographs, maps and multimedia, and it provided the documented information enriching their research.

On the other hand, Dr. Kenneth Vedra, Director General of Emirates National Schools Group, expressed his appreciation to the National Archives for its continued cooperation and support for the students, its strategic partnership and its commitment to shaping the students' personality to build the country and bear the responsibility efficiently in the future. Dr. Vedra praised Emirates National School students’ scientific research competencies, and their noble national sense that bodes well

After the presentation of the students’ qualified research papers, Ms. Amina Al-Jabri from the Emirates National Schools reviewed and evaluated the research papers and offered her advice and feedback to the students.

It is worth mentioning that the research papers that male students submitted to the refereeing forum were declared the winners as follows; Zayed and Education, Emirates National Schools, Abu Dhabi Campus, Zayed and Heritage, Emirates National Schools, Al Ain City Campus, and Bullying, Emirates National Schools, Mohammed Bin Zayed City Complex.

As for the research papers prepared by the female students of the Emirates National Schools, the following were declared the winners consecutively: Zayed and Health, Ras Al Khaimah Campus, Preservation of Blessings, Abu Dhabi Complex, and People of Determination, Mohammed Bin Zayed City Campus.

The research papers of this project, which targets ninth graders at Emirates National Schools exclusively, are not only theoretical. In fact, the participating team is required to deliver a community awareness message that promote moral values that serve the society and contribute to the dissemination of national knowledge. This prompted students to prepare informative brochures about the deduced moral message in their research. They also launched media campaigns reaching out to the targeted audience, held specialized meetings in the field of research to strengthen research themes, talked persuasively to the public, gave out gifts, and organized events, etc.