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Thursday 12 May ,2016

The National Archives Receives an Academic Visit from Mohammed V University – AGDAL

Appreciating the National Archives’ historical and heritage acquisitions and rich, well-stocked library

The National Archives Receives an Academic Visit from Mohammed V University – AGDAL

 The UAE’s National Archives received Ph.D students from Mohammed V University – AGDAL in Abu Dhabi. The academic visit aimed at closely acquainting them with the acquisitions of the National Archives and its achievements in the field of preserving the memory of the nation.

The visit comes in the course of educational coordination with educational and academic institutions and of the increasing interest of Arab and global academic institutions in the National Archives. The visit aimed at acquainting academics with the National Archives’ acquisitions of historical and scientific materials, which provide them with resources and references to enhance and support their research. Dr. Hafidi Alaoui, Professor of International Relations and Sharia Research Methodologies, accompanying the Ph.D students, thanked the National Archives for attracting academics and researchers and for providing them access to its available historical and heritage documents.  He expressed his wish to strengthen the relationship between Mohammed V University – AGDAL and the National Archives because of its abundant historical documents of all types and its specialized library that enriches and supports academic research in various academic stages. At the end of the visit, the delegation members appreciated the National Archives’ role in preserving the UAE’s history and heritage and the facilities it provides researchers and academics.

The visiting delegation reviewed the National Archives’ work mechanisms, activities, main publications and its library containing thousands of specialized resources and references, periodicals, and dissertations in soft and hard copies. It also visited the Presidential Archives and reviewed its photographs and video tapes, which document the march of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President's local, regional, Arab and international activities, in addition to the historical photographs of the main public figures, which are considered precious heritage.

The delegation members went on a tour of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan's Hall and viewed the historical documents, rare books, photographs, old maps and other important acquisitions pertaining to the history of the UAE and the Gulf region. They watched a 3-D documentary film on the “The UAE in the Past, Present and Future” in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Virtual Reality Theatre.