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Wednesday 12 June ,2019

The National Archives Enriches the Emirates Library with a Number of the Major Comprehensive and Specialized Encyclopedias

Ancient, Modern, Specialized Cultural Encyclopedias … Rich in Accurate and Reliable Information

The National Archives Enriches the Emirates Library with a Number of the Major Comprehensive and Specialized Encyclopedias

The Emirates Library of the National Archives provides its visitors with a number of resources and important comprehensive and specialized encyclopedias rich in information, namely Zayed Encyclopedia, the recently published Encyclopedia Palestinica, The Pearl of the Palace and the Journal of the Epoch (Khareedat Al Qasr wa Jareedat Al Asr) and The Global Arabic Encyclopedia etch.

The Emirates Library has keen interest in the comprehensive and specialized encyclopedias because they provide researchers with documented facts and information written by specialists and experts and as they save time and give researchers easy access to correct and sufficient answers through their indexes.

Zayed Encyclopedia contains a lot of information about the UAE, which, since its inception, has seen long-term transformations in a record short time until it has become a civilized monument thanks to the efforts of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Encyclopedia Palestinica is the most important academic work, in terms of research and history, about Palestine in 100 years. It was compiled by Dr. Mohammed Hashim Ghosheh over more than twelve years. He proved Palestine’s Arabism by documents. The encyclopedia has a variety of resources and references and it monitors the daily life in alleys, markets, houses, factories, farms and other aspects of life in Palestine.

The encyclopedia has (24) volumes in 7000 pages. It contains thousands of documents, photographs, maps, illustrations and samples of stamps used in signing agreements and contracts in addition to the primary archival materials published for the first time.

It also presents about 3000 ottoman documents of Palestinian families and 1200 title deeds of other families, which prove that it was the Palestinians who owned the land. Eight volumes of the encyclopedia contain 12000 drawings of European historians who visited Palestine.

The Global Arabic Encyclopedia has 30 volumes. It is an educational and cultural encyclopedia that is organized in Arabic alphabetical order and supported with colored illustrations, charts and maps.

The Emirates Library has also the encyclopedia of Yemen’s Notables and Authors (A’alam Al Yemen wa Mu’alifeh) compiled by the Yemeni researcher and writer Abdul Wali Al Shemiri. It presents around 20000 old and cotemporary Yemeni notables including politicians, rulers, leaders, scholars, writers and distinguished people in different fields. It took around 15 years to be written. It was issued as an electronic version and as a trial paper version, which comes in 15 volumes.