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Wednesday 13 April ,2016

The National Archives Seeks cooperation with Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired; during the UAE 2016 Year of Reading

The National Archives Seeks cooperation with Emirates Association of the

Visually Impaired; during the UAE 2016 Year of Reading

National Archives to launch books in Braille

The National Archives is exploring the possibility of launching Braille versions of its books on history and heritage of the UAE. His Excellency Majid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of National Archives sought cooperation with the Emirates Association for the Visually Impaired (EAVI) regarding this initiative during a reception given to Adel Abdullah Al Zamar, President of EAVI. 

The project began with printing three books in Braille, namely Zayed: From Challenge to Union, Khalifa: Journey to the Future, and Qasr Al Hosn 1793 – 1966.

“The National Archives’ concern with the visually impaired is a manifestation of its belief on the importance of strengthening the role played by reading in shaping an individual's personality. The goal is to  increase interaction with the community and help address the issues going on around them, in addition to cultivating knowledge and national culture,” said Al Muhairi.

“The publications of the National Archives are capable of enriching the national culture of the reader and we are pleased to them now in Braille. We will also supplement EAVI’s Library with our audio books. This is an expression of our confidence that the blind are also active members of the community and comes within the framework of the attention of our wise leadership to this segment of the society,” Al Muhairi said.

Al Zamar expressed his happiness at the care shown by National Archives towards the visually impaired and its publications and requested to prepare more of them in a way they will reach this segment of the community, either through Braille or through voice recording. He praised the great national role played by National Archives in protecting the national memory for generations.

The three books offered in Braille are summaries of major books published by the National Archives. The first of these, Zayed: From Challenge to Union deals with the birth, education and upbringing of Sheikh Zayed and his great efforts in establishng the Union. The book reiterates that Sheikh Zayed is an icon of courage and sacrifice for the sake of noble causes and will remain fresh in the memory and hearts of future generations in the UAE.

The book, “Khalifa: Journey to the Future,” charts his birth, education, upbringing, and his efforts in the development, empowerment and building up of the country. The book itself is a testament to the greatness of the leader and underscore the absolute loyalty to the President of the United Arab Emirates expressed by his people in one voice: "We are all Khalifa".

The book, Qasr Al Hosn: The History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi: 1793-1966 focuses on the attention given by the United Arab Emirates in building castles and forts in the past centuries to be strongholds and headquarters for the establishment of regional rulers and leaders.

For two centuries, Qasr Al Hosn itself served as the fortress, royal residence and administrative headquarters of the Al Nahyan Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi. Qasr Al Hosn is considered as the starting point of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its evolution, and remains a witness to the achievements of the former rulers. It gives the impression of power and strength, where many of the Sheikhs of Bu Falah family lived and practiced rule during the period 1793-1966.