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Wednesday 13 June ,2018

The National Archives Concludes the Project: "Reading in the Memory of the Nation"

The National Archives Concludes the Project: "Reading in the Memory of the Nation"

The National Archives, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has enriched a 100 school libraries with historical and national books, and provided 100 other schools with the quotes of the wise leader of the Arabs, the late Sheikh Zayed, as part of the project: "Reading in the Memory of the Nation", which comes as part of the “Centennial Initiative” launched by the National Archives in the Year of Zayed. It is considered an important project among the series of joint projects of the National Archives and the Ministry of Education, aimed at instilling and enhancing the values of loyalty and belonging in students.

The project entitled "Reading in the Memory of the Nation", which focused on the immortal legacy of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, may God rest his soul in peace, included the initiative to enrich 100 school libraries with the following educational booklets: " Zayed from Challenge to Union", "Khalifa: Journey into the Future", and "Qasr Al Hosn: the History of the Rulers of Abu Dhabi”. The National Archives also provided ten documentary films from the "Memory of the Nation" to the Ministry of Education for inclusion in the "Diwan" platform.

The project carried out by the National Archives in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, emphasized the sound national upbringing and education of students in the globalization and open space era through instilling and upholding the virtues and qualities of the exceptional leader who spared no effort in the course of building the Nation and for its welfare and development. The National Archives, while launching the Centennial Initiative projects, expressed great interest in the generations of students to instill and strengthen in them the values of the Year of Zayed.

The project focused academically on the national upbringing of students in all its projects targeting this category, in order to enrich their knowledge with documented historical and heritage information which complement their national curriculum, to broaden their awareness and promote and enhance the values of good citizenship in them. Moreover, the three educational booklets provided to them will contribute to building the students' personality and upholding the values of giving and belonging to the nation, as well as loyalty to the wise leadership.

The initiative included in the framework of the National Archives' "Reading in the Memory of the Nation" project involves providing schools with Sheikh Zayed's wise quotes in both Arabic and English, through providing 100 schools in the United Arab Emirates with hundreds of posters bearing the words and quotes of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The National Archives has distributed through its initiative of Sheikh Zayed's quotes, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sheikh Zayed's wise quotes as they play an important role in disseminating the values of the Founding Leader and instilling his principles such as: respect, wisdom, human development and sustainability to remain as a permanent approach in the lives of students which contributes to their sound national upbringing, to instilling the values of good citizenship in the youngsters, and to promoting the sense of loyalty and belonging to the nation.

The wise quotes of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan which were distributed in the form of posters to 100 Public schools in the UAE covered various fields, namely: guidance, upbringing, political, economic, religious and educational issues, the union and UAE affairs, women, youth and the Leader's wisdom, among other issues and fields.

The schools included in this "Reading in the Memory of the Nation" project expressed appreciation at receiving the National Archives' publications and posters adorned with the wise words of the Founding Leader, stressing their great importance in enhancing the students' awareness- through documented information- of the history and heritage of the nation, and of the biographies and progress of its great leaders as well as their importance in developing students' patriotic and national sense.