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Wednesday 13 July ,2016

The National Archives Provides (the Resident Artist) with Information and Archival Materials

The National Archives Provides (the Resident Artist) with

Information and Archival Materials

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates provided the Resident Artist program adopted by Sharjah Art Foundation with some rare archival materials and reliable documented information on the UAE Broadcast from its Emirates library, as per the request of the Sharjah Art Foundation and the visit of Chris Weaver, the British resident sound artist accompanied by his assistant Istabraq Hussain to the National Archives.

The delegation benefited from some historical documents relevant to their mission. The resident artist and his assistant were briefed on a number of documentary films and broadcast recordings at the National Archives' Presidential Archives Section, and obtained from it materials that enriched the Resident Artist Program, the delegation also benefited from the Emirates library holdings relevant to their subject “Old Radio Stations in the Emirates”, and the Corporate Relations Section provided the visiting delegation with some information on the sources of the history of the UAE Radio Stations and its senior broadcasters.

In the course of their tour in Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, the delegation browsed samples of historical documents and rare books, photos and old maps, after which the delegation watched a 3D documentary film on the “UAE: the Past, Present and Future”, in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Virtual Reality Theatre.

The delegation visited the Presidential Archives section, which contains photos and videos documenting Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan's activities at the local and international levels. The Presidential Archives Section restores, montage and digitize the old documentary films it holds.

The guest delegation expressed their admiration of the National Archives holdings, and the resident artist considered his visit to the National Archives as an important event, which enriches his capabilities in the various creative fields.

It is noteworthy that Sharjah Art Foundation invites some visiting artists to reside in Sharjah for a specified period, not only for rest, contemplation and exploration, but also as a unique starting point for those who would like to start a new experience in a new place that allows them to explore its social and human characteristics and components, and express it through an art project that embodies this rich experience.