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Wednesday 13 November ,2019

The National Archives organizes the Week of Tolerance, believing in the importance of establishing tolerance and openness to the other

The National Archives organizes the Week of Tolerance, believing in the importance of establishing tolerance and openness to others 

In conjunction with the Year of Tolerance, the National Archives organized the Tolerance Week, which included a number of events that enhance the spirit of tolerance and motivate respect for cultural pluralism. The opportunity for communication between the staff of the National Archives and participants in the cultural, social and humanitarian aspects. All the activities of the Week of Tolerance come to enrich the civilized and cultural movement, and contribute to creating an enlightening and intellectual climate based on the culture of pluralism and openness to the other.

 The Week of Tolerance, which was held at the National Archives, included cultural activities and artistic performances by male and female students from Hamdan Bin Zayed School in Abu Dhabi, and a lecture entitled: “Models of Tolerance in UAE Society.”

The lecture confirmed that the United Arab Emirates has offered since its establishment a unique experience in tolerance and coexistence, and the virtue of tolerance is an inherent value in the depth of Emirati society, and it is an expression of cultural richness, human development and civilized interaction.

 The lecture presented by Shereena Al Qubaisi, Head of the Oral History Unit at the National Archives, began with an introduction to the national program "Tolerance in the UAE", then presented a speech by the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - on tolerance as a community force that contributes to the development of society. and make it more cohesive.

Then, scenes from an interview with His Excellency Saqr Saif Al Muhairbi, who spoke about the virtue of tolerance as he learned it from Sheikh Zayed during his closeness to him - may God have mercy on him - were also presented. She also presented a model of tolerance among the people of righteousness represented by part of an interview conducted by the lecturer with the narrator Rabie Saadoun bin Zuwaid Al Nuaimi, as well as She presented part of an interview with the narrator, Rashid Khalifa Saeed Al Matroushi Al Falasi, in which he talked about tolerance between individuals. Tolerance in the history of the UAE is one of the most prominent values and virtues, and today it has become a people’s culture and way of life in the UAE, which was and will remain an icon of tolerance and civilized human values.

In the same context, the National Archives hosted the activities of the Hamdan Bin Zayed School in Abu Dhabi. Some Emirati students at the school, which teaches the Chinese language, held a short meeting on the platform of Sheikh Khalifa Hall, in which they talked about their love for China and their passion for its language. This was followed by some Chinese artistic performances by the children.

The student Maryam Issa Ahmed from Hamdan Bin Zayed School in Abu Dhabi - the audience, enchanted the audience with sweet melodies that she played on the parallel strings of the Gujang instrument, which is one of the stringed instruments that is considered one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments.

Some of the students also introduced the Chinese tea making and drinking traditions; As they prepared four types of Chinese tea: Wolong tea, green tea, white tea, and Xianhao tea, the participants expressed their admiration for the methods of preparing and drinking tea, and its ancient history in China.

The National Archives follows the activities of Tolerance Week, believing that it is the bridge that connects the people of the UAE with the world, and is a basic and necessary value for building societies and strengthening the bases of stability in the world.