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Monday 14 January ,2019

The National Archives receives Abjadiyat Zayed (Zayed’s Alphabet) from Abu Dhabi Police

The National Archives receives Abjadiyat Zayed (Zayed’s Alphabet) from Abu Dhabi Police

The National Archives collaborated with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters to publish a book entitled Abjadiyat Zayed “Zayed’s Alphabet”. It has recently received copies from the book, which sheds light on aspects of the great biography of Sheikh Zayed. It is written in plain language relevant to readers of all age groups and academic backgrounds. Its comprehensive and simplified information about the eternal leader makes undoubtedly it appealing to students and the young generation.

The book indicates that the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a unique political and inspiring leader whose distinctive wisdom and sharp vision were unparalleled worldwide. His achievements led to the significant development of his homeland and citizens. The book identifies the alphabet of success, which the UAE citizens derive from the biography of the founding leader. It indicates that his wisdom and insight serve as a beacon for future generations. 

An Abu Dhabi Police delegation headed by the Lieutenant Colonel Abdulla Mohammed Al Harthi from ADP Community Police Department presented to the NA more than 200 copies of the book, Zayed’s Alphabets, to be given out to its employees.  

The National Archives applauded the content of the book that includes simple and documented information about the founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and some of his quotes, which are an inspiring guidance to all those who want to serve their homeland and fellow citizens. Moreover, the NA valued the book content as it enriches readers’ knowledge.

The NA praised the constructive and fruitful collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters and its subsequent impact on serving the homeland in various fields.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdulla Mohammed Al Harthi pointed out that the book has also been printed in Braille to be accessible to visually impaired people. He thanked the NA for providing the documented national information incorporated in the book. He pointed out that the NA participates in all events of relevant interest that the Abu Dhabi Police organizes. The said book is a product of the real and constructive cooperation between the two parties.

The book introduces in brief the biography of Sheikh Zayed since his birth in 1918, and it describes his youth and his passion for Arabic authentic traditions. Next, it refers to his appointment as a Ruler’s Representative in Al Ain in 1946, then his governing of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1966, up until becoming the president of the UAE on December 2nd, 1971. Additionally, the book reviews British travel writers’ reflections on Sheikh Zayed as a man of stature.

The book, published in Arabic, English and Braille, compiles some of Sheikh Zayed’s own words and thought on the Union, the environment, education, wealth, wisdom, philanthropy, defense, agriculture, happiness, consultation, industry, work and leadership, women, identity, citizens’ duties, etc. The last of the founding leader’s compiled quotations in this book is “It was with wisdom, deliberation, and faith in Allah and the Nation that we were able to take firm steps towards progress, for we believe unity and solidarity are the pillars of strength for the people of this region"