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Thursday 14 October ,2021

National Archives continues to showcase UAE history at Sheikh Zayed Festival

National Archives continues to showcase UAE history at Sheikh Zayed Festival

The National Archives continues its participation at the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2020/2021, showcasing in its 'Memory of the Nation Pavilion' historical documents, photographs and national documentaries on the UAE.

The National Archives participates in the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2020/2021 with the Memory of the Nation Pavilion, which is displaying historical documents, photographs and national documentaries that draw visitors to the long history of the UAE, informing them about the lives and achievements of its great leaders who were able to build a civilization that dazzled the world.

Taking a tour of the Memory of the Nation Pavilion starts with the section displaying historical documents, such as letters, treaties, and sketches of a number of forts including the Kalba Fort and a Portuguese fortresses in Khor Fakkan. The oldest of these historical documents dates back to the seventeenth century, and this collection is brought together as part of the first historical phase, which covers the period from 1620-1922. The second section, which covers the historical period from 1918- 1970, highlights the work of Sheikh Zayed in the Al Ain region and his efforts for the establishment of the Union. It includes a large number of coins, medals and badges.

The start of the prosperity phase is covered in the period from 1971-1980. This section introduces numerous photographs documenting Sheikh Zayed’s hard work to advance the UAE and to develop its international relationships. Through his efforts, these great achievements have been immortalized in history.

In the period from 1981-1990, the UAE accelerated its amazing progress under the rule of founding leader Sheikh Zayed and his fellow Rulers of the Emirates. With careful attention paid to the Emirati people and the residents of the Emirates, the nation continued to prosper with a prevailing sense of peace and security. The stellar success of this period is showcased by a glass panel on which the image of the founding leader is etched, inscribed with his famous words: “He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn.”

The section of the Memory of the Nation Pavilion covering the period 1990-2020 presents key quotes from Sheikh Zayed and pictures of the leaders who followed in his footsteps and pursued the path of prosperity and launched the 50-year Development Strategy to mark the UAE Centennial 2071. This period also underscores the defined role of the National Archives, which was established in 1968 under the special directive of the founding leader, who realized the importance of documenting the affairs of the nation from the beginning. At the front of this section is a large screen charting important points in the history of the National Archives. Adjacent to the screen is the Emirates Library Corner, which includes the publications of the National Archives along with tablet computers displaying the Smart Applications of the Chronicles of the Sheikhs.

The Memory of the Nation Pavilion also introduces festival visitors, via a large screen and some pamphlets, to the Quadrennial Congress of the International Council on Archives, which Abu Dhabi will host from October 17-22. Furthermore, the UAE Space Section leads visitors, through the use of advanced technologies, on a virtual trip to Mars and informs them of the importance of the Hope Probe on the local, Arab, and international levels. The tour of the Pavilion ends with a visit to the Education Corner, which provides children with a variety of educational and entertaining games.