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Monday 14 February ,2022

The National Library and Archives showcases it collections at the Sheikh Zayed Festival using high technology

The National Library and Archives showcases it collections at the Sheikh Zayed Festival using high technology

In keeping with the National Library and Archives’ interest in innovation as one of the necessary requirements without which excellence cannot be achieved, it furnished its Memory of the Nation pavilion at the Sheikh Zayed Festival 2022 with cutting edge technologies to display the sophisticated projects implemented over the last ten years, of which the UAE is proud, in an innovative and attractive way that is appealing to all festival visitors.

The higher than ten meters mammoth wall screens are one of the most eye-catching high-tech features in the NLA’s pavilion. Each screen displays a certain project’s photo and relevant brief information once a visitor steps on the circle to which it is connected. Thus, the National Library and Archives pavilion’s visitors of different segments and age-groups are engaged to gain useful information in an interesting way.

These screens display information about original projects starting from 2012-2021, namely, Etihad Museum, Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, Dubai Metro, Dubai's Safauh Tram Line, the Government Summit, Khalifa Port, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Sat, the journey of the first Emirati astronaut, the Hope Probe and Expo 2020.

The information about each of these projects, which are launched by the UAE, is introduced in a few lines read in a minute or two. A screen is dedicated to each year from 2012 to 2021, so when a visitor steps on the circle corresponding to the year about which he/she wants to obtain information, the blue screen illuminates displaying the relevant image, prominent events and data. For example, If the visitor stands on the circle of Khalifa Port, the following text appears: Khalifa Port is the latest Emirati port in Abu Dhabi with a characteristic deeper dock, which allows it to receive the largest international shipping liners. Khalifa Port is the widest gateway for transit trade to and from the emirate, and it is the only port that handles container cargo which has been completely diverted from Zayed Port since the end of December 2012.

Another screen introduces information about “KhalifaSat” saying it is one of the latest satellites designated to remote Earth observation imaging. It is designed and manufactured in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai. It is the first fully Emirati satellite, which was launched into Earth orbit on October 30, 2018.

On the dedicated screen to the Dubai Tram, the visitor reads: The Dubai Tram is a tram line in Al Sufouh, Dubai, which extends for 14.5 km along Al-Sufouh Road from Dubai Marina to Palm Jumeirah. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai officially opened its first phase on November 11, 2014.

In addition to this innovative method of display, the National Library and Archives enriches its pavilion with other high-tech gadgets that display equally important NLA’s holdings, such as virtual reality binoculars, interactive display screens, and the digital visitor counter installed in the pavilion's majlis.