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Wednesday 14 March ,2018

The National Archives holds Book Reading Sessions to Hospitalized Children

Within the framework of the Centennial Initiative and in support of its community responsibility

The National Archives holds Book Reading Sessions to Hospitalized Children 

As part of the Centennial Initiative launched by the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates to celebrate the Year of Zayed, a specialized team from the Educational Programs Section pays visits to some hospitals and particularly to long-term hospitalized children sections to help alleviate their pain through inspiring and motivating book-reading sessions. They involve reading documented books about the late founding leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan whose characteristic determination and willpower turned the desert into lush green land and created the modern UAE that takes pride in its civilization worldwide.

The National Archives focused its attention on this segment of the society driven by its belief in the worth of the ailing children and the importance of developing their knowledge and awareness of their homeland history and heritage. NA seeks to expand these kids’ information and hopes to speed up their recovery and their early integration into their society through these guided reading sessions on the history of the sage of the Arabs and his values that awaken hope in their hearts.

The National Archives classifies this project as a commitment to community responsibility, which is a priority for its institutional practices and functions because of its overall positive impact, especially for this segment that needs special care and attention.

The National Archives confirms that the Centennial Initiative that is launched to celebrate Sheikh Zayed's 100th anniversary will highlight his achievements and unlimited giving. He was known worldwide for his great role in human and place development. In this sense, the National Archives seeks to extend the projects of the national Centennial Initiative reaching out to all segments of society and to those people who had experienced Sheikh Zayed’s philanthropy.

This national project, which reaches out to long-term inpatient kids, seeks to ease their pain, help them to overcome their ordeal, instill them with hope and positive energy, and strengthens their belonging to the homeland and loyalty to their wise leadership.

In order to perform this national task perfectly, the National Archives has chosen a team of educators who can alleviate the pain of children, thus allowing reading and knowledge to have a positive impact on their lives and shifting their attention away from their illness. The colored illustrations and short documentaries support these book-reading sessions reinforcing the ailing children’s information.

It is noteworthy that the Centennial Initiative, which the National Archives launched at the beginning of the Year of Zayed, informs generations of important pages of Sheikh Zayed’s history and values. It introduces the achievements of this extraordinary leader, who spared no effort to build a prosperous country whose people enjoy welfare and prosperity. Furthermore, it highlights his achievements, wisdom and his good endeavors in order to develop humans. Indeed, Sheikh Zayed was a role model of construction and giving.