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Tuesday 15 January ,2019

The National Archives Presents the Visions of Sheikh Zayed at its Memory of the Nation Pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival.

Using Advanced Technologies and sophisticated techniques 

The National Archives Presents the Visions of Sheikh Zayed at its Memory of the Nation Pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

The National Archives’ Memory of the Nation pavilion at this year’s edition of Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival uses modern display techniques such as LED scrolling display and interactive screens and vertical LED panels displaying  historical photographs of Al Ain region and its early development at the hands of the founding leader Sheikh Zayed. Furthermore, cylindrical LED panels display photographs that document Sheikh Zayed’s Future Visions and some of his legacy. Besides, historical photographs depicting the establishment of UAE Union were projected on a custom-made Fog-display, which is complemented by a number of traditional flat screens broadcasting documentary films about the UAE and the boom it witnessed in various fields throughout the tenure of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Because of the fact that Sheikh Zayed’s biography, achievements, genius and national principles reflect the nation march towards growth and prosperity, the National Archives’ Memory of the Nation pavilion exhibited all that documents the founding leader’s efforts and the output of his visions and aspirations, which guided the generations,.

The Memory of the Nation pavilion exhibited three eras, starting with Sheikh Zayed’s term as the ruler Al Ain region for about twenty years (1946-1966). This era witnessed many political, economic and social developments. The LED panels fixed on six adjacent pillars display rare photographs of Al Ain region and its development under Sheikh Zayed’s administration. Additionally, there is a very large interactive screen displaying the sophisticated interactive Al Bu Falah Family Tree App. This smart application gives information about the most prominent personalities of Al Nahyan family that ruled the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The period Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan spent in Al Ain equipped him with a very rich experience and paved the way for him to assume the reins of power in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1966.

 In the section that represents the second era at Memory of the Nation pavilion, there are a number of monitors, which display rare photographs of Zayed’s accomplishments and some documentary films about his efforts in the establishment of the Union and his role in the development of the economic field. During their tour of this section, visitors may as well pass through the uniquely designed Fog-display, which projects a number of photographs documenting the efforts Sheikh Zayed put into the Union.

In the third section that deals with the period starting from 1971, there are a number of historical photographs and cylindrical LED screens, which project some of Sheikh Zayed’s accomplishments that are attributed to his wisdom, his insights and his interests in a number of areas, which contributed tremendously to the development of the homeland and its people. Furthermore, these screens project some of his legacy documenting aspects such as development, artificial intelligence, sustainability, innovation and clean energy, etc.

The photographs that scrolled from top to bottom on custom-made spherical LED screens underscore Sheikh Zayed’s early realization that people were the wheel of progress and development; therefore, he provided all the resources and means to ensure the effectiveness of the educational process at all levels. He was keen to achieve development in parallel with reinforcing UAE heritage and authentic values.

The screens that feature artificial intelligence show that Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan was confident of the UAE future and its people’s capability to achieve the goals and ambitions of the homeland. Preparing for the future, Sheikh Zayed urged for adopting the world’s state-of-the-art systems and technologies.

 The legacy of Sheikh Zayed is still a beacon that guides the generations towards development and prosperity; he was known for his long-term strategic vision that has become a national approach; he used to give without limits and dedicated his thoughts and abilities to serve his people and make them happy. He believed that building people is the basis of building the homeland. This approach continues to bear fruit to this day.

The sophisticated screens display aspects of Zayed’s legacy and some of the actions of the UAE leaders and prominent figures who followed in the footsteps of the builder and founding leader. They continue his glorious journey, turning into reality his wise long-term visions of development and innovation, sustainability, and clean energy and artificial intelligence etc. Thus, the UAE became one of the world’s modern developed countries.