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Thursday 10 May ,2018

National Archives Delegation Visits “The Founder’s Memorial”

National Archives Delegation Visits “The Founder’s Memorial”

In celebration of the centennial birth of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the exceptional leader who devoted his life to the happiness of his people, a delegation from the National Archives, headed by Executive Director H.E. Majid Al Mehairi visited “The Founder’s Memorial”,  where they toured the Memorial, which was established to be a permanent national tribute to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and to celebrate and recount his values, ideas and memorable achievements.

H.E. Majid Al Mehairi said, "The Memorial” is a piece of art, and a bridge between the past and present.  It reflects the legacy of the "Sage of the Arabs", who had dedicated his life to the building of his nation, serving his people and realizing their dreams of a good life.

Al Mehairi also said: as we stand in front of this symbolic monument, during the centennial birth of Sheikh Zayed, we find ourselves face to face with the wise vision, which built a unified homeland that enjoys the well-being, coexistence, tolerance and all the values advocated by the Founding Leader.

H.E. added that this artistic and creative work, with the history of the Founding Leader it offers, is considered an inexhaustible source of inspiration for future generations to learn the love and belonging to the homeland. Future generations will receive through this “Memorial” information about Sheikh Zayed's contributions to the UAE, the region and the whole world, as well as aspects of his biography, which will remain a beacon for all noble people who dedicate their lives for the nation.

The National Archives delegation included all Departments' Directors, Heads of Sections, in addition to NA Consultants and Experts.

Zayed's Memorial tour is an interesting scientific tour of a monument situated in the middles of green fields decorated with trees and local plants, where visitors can see pages of Sheikh Zayed’s biography through photographs, narrations and multi-media, in the middle of nature and green areas.