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Sunday 15 July ,2018

The National Archives Promotes the Founding Leader's Values among Students of Summer Programs

The National Archives Promotes the Founding Leader's Values among Students of Summer Programs


Throughout the year, the National Archives continues its activities and events in line with its mission and objectives of spreading good citizenship values, promoting national identity and instilling loyalty and sense of belonging to the homeland, among young generations.  NA received, in its premises, about 100 students from two school, during a visit made by participants of summer camp initiatives of Abu Dhabi Women Center and the 1st summer camp of the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC), in two successive days.  NA delivered a lecture entitled "Belonging, Loyalty and Identity: Key National Values" in NRC premises, and organized a reading workshop about the book "Zayed; From Challenges to Union", for students of Abu Dhabi Women Center’s Camp.

NA takes the opportunity of the 2018 Year of Zayed to inspire young generations by the biography of the Founding Leader, and lessons learned to promote sense of belonging to the homeland and loyalty to the wise leadership.  NA works with youth in fostering national identity and instilling good citizenship values.  These efforts will help continue the process of development.

NA reading workshops aim at inspiring youth about Sheikh Zayed’s biography in order to instill his values among students. Consequently, Zayed's words and deeds will remain as a trademark of success of a nation.  Zayed's words and life story promote patriotism and national identity, since he had dedicated himself to build his nation, serve the people and fulfill their aspirations for a decent and happy life.

It is worth mentioning that the two visits included a tour of the NA’s premises where the students visited the Emirates Library and the Customer Happiness Hall, and learned about their collections and services. Afterwards, students watched a 3-D hi-tech film about the UAE’s history, present and future prospects, in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Hall.
The students expressed their admiration of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, which contains samples of old documents, maps and historical photographs prior to UAE foundation.