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Wednesday 16 May ,2018

The National Archives Delivers Lectures on Zayed’s History in Italian Forums

The National Archives Delivers Lectures on Zayed’s History in Italian Forums

Coinciding with the Year of  Zayed, and in the framework of the Centennial Initiative launched by the National Archives and in celebration of the centennial birth of the Founding Leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the National Archives, in coordination with the UAE Embassy in Italy, arranged visits to a number of cultural forums and Italian universities and held lectures and panel discussions. These lectures dealt with aspects of Sheikh Zayed's leadership insights that go beyond the UAE borders to various parts of the world, and they aim to represent the values of good and build bridges of peace between peoples.

The lectures of the National Archives at Italy universities and cultural circles recorded great number of attendees who were impressed by UAE's history and heritage and the achievements it made in a record time at the hands of its Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his successor. These lectures were part of the National Archives’ projects commemorating the centennial birth of the Founding Leader with the aim of introducing the history of the UAE and its civilization, which made it a beacon that draws the world’s attention to its experience in building and development in various spheres of life.

The lectures, delivered by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, the Research Advisor at the National Archives, focused on Sheikh Zayed’s great work for his nation and the whole humanity. They also shed light on his wise leadership, which resulted in his great role in developing his country and his people and providing decent living standards for all who live in the UAE. He attached great importance to women making them essential partners in the process of a comprehensive renaissance and in the march of building and progress.

The lectures were delivered in a number of academic, official and cultural circles. At the Catholic University of Milan, students of Arabic and Islamic civilization attended a lecture entitled: "Zayed in Oral Memory", which reviewed the accounts of Sheikh Zayed’s companions about his deeds and personal qualities, which impressed them and filled them with authentic Bedouin values and principles.

At the University of Rome Tor Vergata, graduate students of the Faculties of Science, Politics, Technology and Law attended a lecture entitled "The UAE: Model Cities that Reflect a Human, Civilized and Future Experience”. The lecture included a study of historical documents, maps and images, as well as an explanation of the development of UAE cities throughout history, and the role of Sheikh Zayed in settling Bedouins and building cities of the future.

At the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) meetings, ministers and dignitaries from United Nations organizations participating in the meetings attended a lecture entitled “Zayed and Environmental Heritage”. The lecture highlighted Sheikh Zayed's pioneering experience in combating desertification, his drive for model agriculture, and the establishment of natural reserves that preserve and sustain natural resources.

At the University of Luiss in Rome, MA and PhD students specializing in Arabic language and Islamic Civilization attended a lecture entitled "Zayed in Oral Narrations", which dealt with Sheikh Zayed's interest in oral history, with an explanation of the mechanisms and procedures for collecting oral history.

At the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Rome, students of the Diplomatic Academy of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended a lecture entitled "Zayed: the Building a Nation and Civilization". It discussed the ideals that the late Sheikh Zayed employed to build the state, and described his understanding of civilized values that contributed positively to building a civilized homeland

At the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Rome, the Ambassadors' wives, members of the diplomatic corps and female socialites attended a lecture entitled "Zayed and Women: Empowerment to Leadership. “The lecture reviewed the role of Sheikh Zayed and the efforts of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak "Mother of the Emirates" to overcome the challenges women faced and the mechanism they used reaching to empowerment. It also shed light on the future policy regarding women leadership, and establishing the principle of gender parity as an authentic Emirati approach.

It is worth mentioning that the National Archives has doubled its activities and national events during the Year of Zayed, and held events abroad to introduce Sheikh Zayed’s history, his legacy and his leading role in building the UAE and its auspicious Union, in official academic and cultural forums in Arab and foreign countries.