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Monday 16 July ,2018

The National Archives provides historical photographs and documents for the national initiatives in the Year of Zayed

The “Centennial” initiative promotes data access to external users in the Year of Zayed

The National Archives provides historical photographs and documents for the national initiatives in the Year of Zayed 

Within the framework of the “Centennial” initiative launched by the NA in celebration of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan's centennial birth anniversary, and in line with its project for allowing external access to data, the National Archives of the UAE has witnessed a great demand from institutions in the UAE and abroad on its historical photographs, documents and multimedia.

The NA receives requests either through phone-calls, physical visits to the NA premises, or via Customer Service email. It duly seeks to meet these  requests and provide institutions with required documents, photographs and multimedia either via their representatives, express delivery or email.

When H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, declared 2018 as the “Year of Zayed” directives were given to facilitate the NA process for receiving and meeting all clients’ requests for photographs, documentary films, quotes, statements and audio recordings of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed and research materials as well as for NA’s publications on Sheikh Zayed's biography benevolence and interest in development.

In line with its aim to provide services according to best standards and practices, the NA has established its “Customer Happiness Hall” to receive researchers interested in the history and heritage of the UAE and Gulf region. In fact, it is a valuable additional asset supporting the role the NA performs in serving researchers.

The hall contains the most advanced equipment and software that assist NA visitors in their research on the history and heritage of the UAE and Gulf region through offering access to such materials among its historical documents.

The NA- in meeting all requests received from various institutions- aims at disseminating the values of the Year of Zayed, namely: Respect, Wisdom, Human Development and Sustainability. Also its carrying out of the project offering data access to external users, comes as part of other projects launched under this national initiative aiming at emphasizing and shedding light on the efforts, accomplishments and values of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and depicting new aspects of the UAE’s history; thus promoting- through all this- national and community values, as well as raising awareness and enhancing knowledge. Meantime, the NA seeks to utilize its treasures and holdings to promote the culture of taking Sheikh Zayed as a role model for future generations to follow in his footsteps. Given the NA's belief in the importance of this year with its focus on the journey and biography of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan who created a new history for the region which has witnessed, under his policies, a true development leading to its being an example of progress and advancement as he employed all possible resources in the best interest of his people in particular and mankind in general. The NA seeks to establish the legacy of the Founding Leader as a memory of the nation preserving the documentary heritage which Sheikh Zayed sought to collect and preserve for future generations. He led a determined and a fruitful attempt starting from the desert to establish the UAE and build a nation which has become an international example for tolerance, benevolence, prosperity and philanthropy.

The NA, in its meeting various institutions and individuals’ requests for historical documents, photographs and documentary films on Sheikh Zayed, is carrying out its mission which entails providing decision makers and the public with trusted information and enhancing civic spirit and national identity. Its services come in line with its vision for leadership in providing distinctive archival, documentation and research services.

To foster corporate and community outreach, the Corporate and Community Outreach Department at the NA has received requests for archival material from government bodies and private institutions besides individuals' requests. It provides archival material free of charge to schools, universities, various institutes and academic, cultural and banking institutions, hospitals and health departments, federal authorities, and official departments and centers.

Allowing access to the NA’s material includes providing historical documents, photographs and NA’s publications as well as organizing exhibitions, and other events for private and government institutions upon their sending to the Client Services Unit an official signed and sealed letter or request stating details of required data and specifying their liaison person.

Whereas requests by individuals including authors, researchers or academics, are  received either in person or via an email sent to the Client Services Unit along with a copy of the Emirates ID and a request-form filled out by the researcher, author or academic including description of the requested materials and the purpose of use.

Given that the “Year of Zayed” is a national occasion celebrating the centennial birth anniversary of the Founding Leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and highlighting his role in building and establishing the UAE as well as his local and international accomplishments, it was highly necessary to document his biography in terms of his development, building and philanthropic approaches. Thus, the NA preserves this legacy and safeguards it within its historical acquisitions to provide to current and future generations.