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Thursday 07 July ,2022

The National Library and Archives receives a large number of various books from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

​​​​​​​The National Library and Archives receives a large number of various books from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The National Library and Archives has received a large number of various books in Arabic and other languages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The Ministry received this large number of books from the UAE’s embassies abroad after they have expressed their desire to keep them with the NLA in order to be accessible to researchers, academics and the public.
The NLA received about (130) large boxes, some of which were provided to the Emirates Library while the others were kept at the national library’s warehouses to be established in the near future.
With regard to this initiative, Mr. Hamad Al Hamiri, Director of Research and Knowledge Services Department at the NLA, said: “These collections of books enrich the Emirates Library and the national library and diversify their sources and references, so they become distinctive by their holdings and role in meeting the requirements of their patrons.”
“Books are the primary information assets that contribute mainly to the establishing of the knowledge economy in order to reach the future and maintain the march of progress, and this is what the UAE aspires to.”, he added.
He expressed his warm thanks to the UAE’s embassies for taking the initiative to preserve these various and valuable books at the NLA, and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for supervising the evaluation and sorting of the books and providing them to the NLA.
 He emphasized that this step is a remarkable sign of confidence in the NLA, which aims to establish the national library as a national reference and a cultural and information center that preserves the UAE’s heritage and highlights its scientific and cultural development on the lines of the international libraries that incubate human heritage.
Al Hamiri called upon all national figures and entities inside the UAE and abroad to provide their collections of books to the NLA, which will devote great attention to the collections it receives and will keep them in the appropriate place in the Emirates Library at the present time or in the national library in the future so that they become accessible to readers, researchers and beneficiaries who are keen on knowledge.
It is worth mentioning that the books received by the NLA from the Ministry were characterized by their various topics, most prominently, the UAE’s sheikhs and main leaders, most notably the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
This is in addition to topics in history, national identity, literature, poetry, Islamic jurisprudence, translation and economy as well as some significant topics pertaining to the UAE.