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Sunday 17 September ,2023

The National Library and Archives highlights the "Alef Sustainable Digital Education Platform

The National Library and Archives highlights the "Alef Sustainable Digital Education Platform" and enriches its educational media, historical document and photo content

The National Library and Archives, in cooperation with Alef platform, organized the seminar: "Alef, the Sustainable Digital Education Platform" as part of its second cultural season of 2023. The seminar reflected the extent of the successful cooperation between the two parties, as the platform supports its educational, social and national content with documented information, documentary films, and historical documents and photos from the invaluable National Library and Archives holdings and publications. The seminar was attended by a group of speakers from Alef, the strategic partner of the National Library and Archives.
Dr. Husniya Al-Ali, Educational Programs Consultant inaugurated the National Library and Archives’ seminar by tackling the currently prevailing technology which facilitated access to science and knowledge, stating that it reached its peak through the introduction of the artificial intelligence era, which educational institutions employed to perform their major tasks. She also tackled the importance of building a sustainable knowledge economy, and the (Alef) platform’s keenness to keep pace with scientific and technical development towards a more interactive and enjoyable educational process, since Alef was established with the aim of developing students’ educational experience. The NLA educational Programs Consultant also stated that this seminar is one of the fruits of a concluded memorandum of understanding between the National Library and Archives and Alef Education.
The seminar began with a speech delivered by Mr. Iyad Al-Darawsheh, Head of Global Sales and Marketing Department, who said that: "Alef is an Emirati company with a national identity derived strategy. It has performed a great role, since its inception in 2015, in accordance with the latest educational technologies, and has relentlessly worked to bridge knowledge gaps and support educational skills, through allowing students to build, master and learn basic concepts in an enjoyable manner, and has set its educational process priorities as follows: students, teachers, schools, parents, and decision-makers.
He added that the platform offered content and services come within the framework of the United Arab Emirates’ great efforts to improve the quality of education, as it keenly employs artificial intelligence in students’ assessment, defining their needed assistance areas, and in conducting evaluations to verify their understanding of lessons content, pointing out that Alef application offers its distinctive, interactive and digital products based on educational experience consistent with various international curricula and standards. It has designed its content to provide teachers supportive guidance and has also allowed parents to participate in their children's educational process.
Ms. Laila Al Ameri, Head of Social Studies Department at Alef, delivered a speech which began by quoting His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and  Ruler of Dubai: "... Digital education is the education of the future and the future of education," noting that the wise leadership has put developing education and its systems at the forefront of its priorities and interests. Alef, as one of the leading educational technology companies, compiled and digitized approved educational material, and explained its content preparation and the importance of the National Library and Archives’ provided documents, photos and educational media on the UAE history that enriched the Alef produced social studies content, and contributed to instilling and enhancing the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and its wise leadership in future generations to continue the glorious march of building the nation and preserving its achievements.
Ms. Salama Ahmed, Alef Digital Product Manager, stressed that Alef continuously strives to develop its platform, and attaches great importance to students, teachers, and parents, it also employs the latest modern programs to verify students’ understanding level, noting that Alef platform continued its efforts to utilise artificial intelligence in creating the virtual educational character (Maya), who indirectly answers students' questions, through a several steps interactive conversation to ensure that they eventually reach the right solution, thus making students its partners and knowledge-beneficiaries.
The seminar was concluded with various questions and inquiries from the participating public, followed by the National Library and Archives honouring of the seminar’s participants.