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Saturday 18 April ,2020

The National Archives participates in "Sharjah Reading for Children", national and ethical initiatives and activities

Inspirational Stories initiative, national art workshops, and games that enrich knowledge

The National Archives participates in "Sharjah Reading for Children" with national and ethical initiatives and activities.

The National Archives participates in the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority in its eleventh edition, under the slogan "Explore Knowledge". School groups from kindergarten until the second semester.

The National Archives takes advantage of its participation in the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival to present the "Inspirational Stories" initiative to students and parents to encourage them to participate because of its usefulness in consolidating the values of goodness and human giving and promoting positivity.

Within the framework of the participation of the National Archives in the festival, a number of specialists are presenting artistic workshops under the slogan "Landmarks of my Country" dealing with national topics such as: the Emirates flag, the Emirates map, the state emblem, the personal civil card, the country's ancient castles and forts, the Emirati currencies, and the tree of values. Moral.

The National Archives targets these national art workshops that encourage children to access information through colors or cutting and pasting.

The National Archives supports its participation in the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival with a number of educational games that are specially designed to inculcate national and moral values among students. The most prominent of these games is the national and moral values game "Bowling", in which two teams compete; One represents national values, and the second represents moral values. Questions come to each team in its field. National values are about good citizenship and loyalty to the homeland, etc., and moral values about right and wrong in individual and collective behavior. The game ends with the victory of one of the two teams, but it makes the information stick in the minds of the participants and followers.

And the march game, which focuses on pictures of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - may God rest his soul - and in the publications of the National Archives, in the Al Bu Falah family tree, and in some historical documentaries. 

His participation includes a number of technical workshops and educational games that are designed to provide children with knowledge and information with fun and play.

The National Archives presents the "Inspiring Stories" initiative, which it launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, to the festival's audience.  During the festival days and amidst the wide participation of school students in the Emirate of Sharjah and its environs, students from schools in the public and private sectors wishing to participate would be briefed on this initiative and its importance in promoting optional reading for students on useful topics that aim to enhance patriotism and contribute to the development of society, and build a personality based on tolerance and giving. It also contributes to deepening the sense of national identity, and consolidates the knowledge of the participants about the cultural and cultural heritage of the Emirates and the importance of the moral value of tolerance that opens windows to the cultures of peoples and their civilizations.

The National Archives informs the festival participants of the goals of the "Inspiring Stories" initiative, the conditions of participation, evaluation mechanisms, prizes for the winners, and ways to participate by submitting forms or via e-mail.