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Tuesday 19 July ,2022

The National Library and Archives participates in the 18th edition of Liwa Date Festival

The National Library and Archives participates in the 18th edition of Liwa Date Festival

The National Library and Archives participated in the 18th edition of the Liwa Date Festival and exhibition held in Al Dhafra region, the events of which shall run until July 24th, under the generous patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court.
The National Library and Archives’ participation in this festival comes through an exhibition of historical photographs, that reflected to visitors a vivid glorious image of the establishment and development of the UAE, and  demonstrated the various aspects of its heritage. The exhibition aimed at instilling in the UAE generations the values, virtues, and exploits of the Late Sheikh Zayed.
The exhibition presented to visitors the UAE historic aspect and its leadership as a Role Model in a continued march, following the footsteps of the Founding Fathers towards building and establishing the UAE and developing its human resources.
It is noteworthy that the exhibition organized by the National Library and Archives at the Liwa Date Festival was well received by the various participants and visitors, as it represented a window through which they viewed the UAE’s glorious past and history.
The National Library and Archives raised the awareness of its visitors of different age groups of its valuable role in collecting and preserving the memory and history of the nation for future generations and allowing researchers and interested parties access to it.
The National Library and Archives’ exhibition and platform included its most important publications on the history and heritage of Al Dhafra region, being such a key historical area that will always be the source of Emirati heritage’s pride; as it includes many ancient and deep-rooted historic monuments.
The most important National Library and Archives’ issued and displayed books on Al Dhafra region include: The Dhafra Fort.. The History of the Early Chiefs of Bani Yas, The Place Names gazetteer in the Poetry of Al Dhafra People, Immigrants from Al Dhafra.. The Migration of Bani Zaraf as a Model, Historic Water Resources in the Al Dhafra Region, and Castles and Towers in Al Dhafra Region.
In line with the National Library and Archives’ pursuit to achieve its vision, mission and strategic plans aiming at documenting and preserving Al Dhafra region’s authentic history and heritage, and its people’s rich history in the past, it assigned different Experts and Specialists to conduct oral history interviews during the Liwa Date Festival, to record the stories of the senior citizens who witnessed the UAE various development stages before the establishment of the union, during which they depended on agriculture in Al Dhafra oases, to document the successive generations’ various witnessed events and practiced professions.
It is noteworthy that the National Library and Archives’ date Festival’s platform was keen to strictly adhere to all necessary precautionary and preventive measures, as well as to general safety guidelines.