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Tuesday 16 August ,2016

The National Archives organized a cultural program for the new teachers in the Emirates National Schools

For the third consecutive year, 

The National Archives organized a cultural program for the new teachers in the Emirates National Schools

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates organized at its headquarters a cultural and informative program, for the third year in a row, on the history and heritage of the UAE, the customs, traditions and singularity of the UAE society and the best methods to approach students during the educational process. More than 200 teachers from the US, Canada, New Zealand and other countries participated in the program, constituting a new cohort of educational staff of the Emirates National Schools in the UAE.

Dr. Kenneth Vedra, Director General of the Emirates National Schools, inaugurated the cultural program and welcomed the new teachers who will contribute in realizing the schools' vision to build future leaders. Dr. Vedra praised the National Archives and its constructive cooperation with the Emirates National Schools by introducing foreign teachers to the UAE and its history and heritage to facilitate cultural integration between teachers and students.

A lecture was delivered by Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, the Research Advisor at the National Archives, who discussed the initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and highlighted its importance and undeniable positive impact.

This initiative calls for incorporating the subject of “Moral Education” within the educational process and curricula of the Emirates National Schools to instill and reinforce noble values and morals in daily behaviors, promote loyalty and patriotism, with the UAE’s national identity as a focal point.

The lecture referred to the distinctiveness of the UAE’s society indicating that the glorious history of the UAE was built upon tolerance and peaceful coexistence. She asserted the importance of honest values, reinforcing the mutual respect and self-confidence among students as the pillars of a prosperous future for the homeland so that it remains a global model for happiness and good life.

An open discussion occurred at the end of the lecture, during which the Research Advisor answered the participators' inquires. The teachers expressed their admiration for the remarkable change in the UAE and praised the founding leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s essential role in the development and prosperity of the UAE in record time.

Afterwards, the participants watched a 3D documentary in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Hall for Virtual Reality showcasing the history and bright present of the UAE. The documentary was followed by a tour in Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Hall that contains historical documents, photos, historical maps and heritage collectibles.