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Wednesday 18 September ,2019

The National Archives is looking to strengthen the media communication and response mechanism with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority

The National Archives discusses strengthening the communication and media response mechanism with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority


The National Archives discussed with a delegation from the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management ways to develop the communication and media response mechanism during emergencies, the mechanism for selecting and preparing the official spokesperson, and reviewing the national early warning system. The meeting held at the National Archives headquarters dealt with the requirements of the media strategic plan according to the standards it set The authority also focused on the importance of identifying the official spokesperson to be the reliable source of real information in light of the rapid spread of news, as well as limiting the leakage of false and unreal information, and therefore he is the person who is familiar with the correct information and is able to clarify the picture for the people and stakeholders; Therefore, he must have full knowledge and ability to describe the event, and he is responsible and aware of the role he plays and the tasks assigned to him, in addition to discussing the mechanism of action of the national early warning system in order to ensure effective coordination in the warning and dissemination process, and to ensure the effectiveness of response and interaction with the public.

The meeting dealt with joint efforts within the emergency and crisis management system, response plans, implementation and conduct of exercises, carrying out the process of risk assessment, highlighting lessons learned, improvement opportunities to meet challenges, developing appropriate solutions to obstacles and mitigating their effects, and the business continuity management system.

And based on the keenness of our wise leadership to strengthen the state's ability to face emergencies, crises and disasters in a way that guarantees the safety of lives and the preservation of gains and property; Mrs. Maitha Al-Ahbabi, Head of the Risk Management Unit, confirmed that the National Archives pays great attention to developing response capabilities, continuing its activities and providing its vital services during emergency situations. Ms. Samar Al-Mashjari, Head of the Strategic Planning Office, stressed the need to coordinate with the Authority to meet all the requirements of the enablers and results of the fourth generation system. To achieve pioneering results in standard governance and design and implementation of risk management plans.

It is worth noting that the Emergency Authority was represented by: Mr. Salman Ali Al Salman, Ms. Jumana Al-Ghanim, Mr. Rashid Al-Zaabi, and Mr. Fahad Al-Mutawa.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority toured the National Archives, where they got acquainted with the training halls in the National Archives, and stopped at Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Hall, which can accommodate about 700 people, and watched a high-tech 3D documentary about the history, present, and prospects of the UAE. Its future is in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Hall for Virtual Reality, and they viewed samples of written documents, historical photographs and historical maps in the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Hall.